Russian Federation

It is no secret that Moscow is the center not only of social and cultural life, but also the concentration of the business processes of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the share capital in the market of goods and suppliers is the predominant in Russia. Without going into detailed analysis of the suppliers of goods, we turn to our review, as was stated at the outset. Below we describe the types of services (ie what, what services are provided), and the one who provides them. Thus, in Moscow They may be individual or a private lawyer (often registered as individual entrepreneurs – sole proprietors), offices, companies and firms (most often registered in form llc or JSC), as well as lawyers working with the agency attorneys' offices, or members of the legal practices. In our review, we mainly touch upon the activities of various law firms and legal offices. According to figures published in the reference of telephone and internet – publications, lawyers advising Moscow in the following areas of law: – Services for business registration (registration company, JSC), services registration of ip (individual entrepreneurs).

Registration services for enterprises with foreign investment. And consulting companies in Moscow offer services ranging from consulting and one-off single compilation of documents to support the full cycle of registration, and even get other documents is a letter from Mosgorstat, staging a newly established organization or individual entrepreneur registered in the extrabudgetary funds, make a seal. Some companies offer additional services – 'Opening a bank account'.


Thursday, June 16th, 2016 News