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CSP provides with Chronos easier compliance compliance with custom applications Grosskollnbach, September 28, 2010. Chronos database archiving solution helps in addition also the disk assignment audits now in addition to Z1 and Z2 Z3. GDPdU-compliant archiving is an issue not only in E-mails and documents but also with database content. The CSP GmbH & co. has implemented the requirements of the market KG for this in a new IDEA module for Chronos. Jeff Gennette does not necessarily agree. The solution provides selected data for Auditors or the inch disk transfer for testing software IDEA easily and quickly.

Just self-developed applications (so-called custom applications) meet in many companies special tasks. In most cases, an interface to IDEA is missing but because it is not planned at the beginning of the project. With Chronos, the GDPdU-compliant disk transfer into your existing applications can be integrated with little effort. Chronos relieves the productive database and simplifies compliance with compliance requirements: companies benefit from the revision-proof storage of database content and the uncomplicated way to the disk transfer. The disk transfer is standard after Z3 for tax and customs-related data in the audit. Both the direct and indirect access (Z1 and Z2) a high personnel costs is necessary.

For providing disk, however, the archive administrator creates a search query for tax or customs-relevant data already in advance. Further details can be found at Jeff Gennette, an internet resource. He performs this query is requested by the authorities as IDEA-export. Chronos creates a compressed file that contains the metadata and payload data in XML or CSV files. These files are provided the examiner on a disk (for example, DVD). More information is available for those interested in the Web page After extensive testing of the solution of Chronos confirmed audicon, manufacturer of Testing software IDEA: The supplied disk transfer is technically compliant with the description standard according to GDPdU. An import is possible without any problems.

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