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In accordance with the provisions of Clause 13 (Standard) 11 accounting companies can create software to compensate for the subsequent (future) operating costs, including the payment of leave to employees. The amounts established reserve are spending (accounting). A provision is to ensure the inclusion of a uniform cost of vacation pay the production costs of the reporting period. The ability to create an organization of this reserve, as well as the method of its formation, determined by the accounting policy applied for accounting purposes. The amount of payments in reserve is determined by the sum of the cost of paying leave to employees and social insurance and welfare, including the amount of the unified social tax, insurance premiums for compulsory pension insurance and insurance premiums for compulsory insurance from industrial accidents and occupational diseases. In accordance with the rules of the legislation on accounting and taxation created by the organization of a reserve for future expenses to pay holidays are subject to mandatory inventory in order to identify the validity of the amounts assessed. Instruction number 69 provides an inventory reserve for vacation pay, including payments for State social insurance in these amounts at the end of the year. The balance of the allowance for holiday pay is determined by calculation, based on the number of days of unused vacation and average daily wage workers. Providing leave to accrue on a fixed percentage and include period costs to a certain amount regardless of the actual amount of accrued vacation time, and at the end of the year on the need to ensure that an inventory and excess or cancel the remaining amount assessed additional software. Inventory Reserve holidays – time-consuming process, and if a large number of operating personnel in the enterprise – requires considerable effort and labor. Smart automation of the process eliminates the errors of calculation, typical of the so-called human factor, and greatly speed up the process. In the system of ‘Business Staff’, designed to account for personnel and payroll, are designed monthly calculation mode in the provision of holidays and how to conduct annual inventory of vacation. Based on the information stored in the database, an inventory reserve holidays automatically. Methods of calculating the amount of vacation allowance, used in the ‘Business Staff ‘1. Formation of the directory of tax and the formula for calculating the amount of reserve holidays. Given that the provision applies to holiday spending (accounting), it is necessary to generate a directory of tax Company tax and the appropriate formula for its calculation. 1.1. The tab ‘Types of tax’ view form algorithm payroll (accounting department -> The algorithm for calculating the salary) to add a new type of tax. 1.2. To form Tax type edit in the ‘Category of’ set ‘Reserve holidays. ” 1.3. On the form for editing Type of tax in the ‘ID’ to form a formula calculating the amount of vacation allowance, using the system variables: the amount of the provision leaves the enterprise – returns the calculated amount of reserves leave the company on the basis of the calculated rates introduced in the provision of holiday units. The tax rate on income tax – returns the current tax rate for the calculation. Used to calculate payroll taxes. The sum of the register in the shop business accounting for all payments – the amount on the register for all accounting accruals for the month of shop staff

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