State Cooperation

Infrastructure: Has an important network of road, airport, telecommunications, electricity, water, natural gas and industrial parks, among others. Quality of life: the people of Yucatan is known nationally for his human quality. The State is regarded as one of the safest at the national level. Also stands out in the provision of medical, educational and financial services. Natural and cultural riches: the State has great natural wealth in which the reserves are found ecological Rio Lagartos and Celestun, Cenotes and beaches. The Mayan cultural heritage is also impressive, beginning with one of the wonders of the world, the pyramid of Chichen Itza and other important archaeological sites; historic sites, colonial, etc.

Workforce and technical services: the provision of technical services is competitive, given the wide range of professionals and technicians trained in various areas of the agricultural sciences, health, administration and technology among others. On the other hand, the hiring of technical services and labor is done at very competitive costs. How to develop international cooperation activities the development of initiatives depends more on the will of those concerned, of the regulations and governmental decisions. Government institutions can open doors for the development of projects and opportunities but will be actors who should build their own relationships and mechanisms for achieving success. Have initiative and put it in action international cooperation activities are initiated from the interest of individuals, organizations and institutions, which have to get down to work, to build the entire network involved, relationships and resources needed to succeed in their projects. Therefore, it is not enough to achieve good ideas, but that action and constancy in the work is required to achieve the expected aims. Approach of results is necessary that from the beginning of the activity proposed objectives, goals and results that are expected to achieve, since in this way will be verifying the effectiveness of the project and including the scopes can measure. It is not recommended to start without a clear purpose to activity because this would lead to the dispersion of efforts, resources and movement to the drift of the activity.

Ensure the backrest and the wills of the political actors in any geographic region develop generate interests of political order that are unique to the area and that must be understood properly for earning the support of its principal actors. Some international cooperation activities in territories belonging to different political boundaries, which may involve including various levels of Government. Under these circumstances you must ensure the cooperation of the various bodies and the revision of the regulations in force for the achievement of the proposed objectives. Development of technical skills is a fact that technical knowledge is a necessary resource for the development of the activity. We also agree that in Yucatan we have capable and enterprising people to address projects of this magnitude. However, due to the growth and complexity of tasks that must be performed, necessary human resources to acquire ever-increasing technical capacity to avoid limitation of the results and their consequent stagnation. References Petrantonio, Marcela, 2002, international decentralised cooperation as a tool for development, paper prepared for the seminar cities in the 21st century, Fundacion Ciudad Policy, article retrieved on February 4, 2011. Sefoe, Secretariat of economic development, competitive, recovered the 8 February 2011 in M. at Arq.

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