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In this context, as it taught to Milton Saints: The cities are great because it has speculation and vice versa; it has speculation because it has emptinesses and vice versa; because it has emptinesses, the cities are great. The urban road model is factor of dispersed growth and the espraiamento of the cities. Having speculation, it has mercantile creation of the scarcity and the problem of the access to the land and the habitation if it accents. But the deficit of residences also leads to the speculation and the two together ones lead to the periferizao of population poor e, of new, to the increase of the urban size. The lacks in services feed the speculation, for the distinguishing valuation of the diverse fractions of the urban territory. (Saints, 1994, p.96). 2 PROBLEM OF the RESEARCH the urban road system of the maranhense capital is one of the few that not yet despertou for the consequences of the current growth of the fleet of vehicles.

In accordance with the State Department of Transit of the Maranho (DETRAN It to ME) are 218,386 vehicles registered until August of 2008, only in So Lus, considerably great number for the reality of the ways that bind its quarters. The Avenue Hieronymite of Albuquerque, that binds to the region east of So Lus to the center of the city, possesss ten kilometers and way approximately, enclosing eight quarters of the city: Pitchfork, Cohab, Angelim, Bequimo, Cohama, Vinhais, Cohafuma and Calhau. The strangulation of its flow if of the one since the beginning of the viaduct of the Cohab until the o viaduct of the Cohama, where the traffic is constantly slow. 2.1 Problematic social organizacional/the main observed problems are: insatisfao of the users of the way with the extensive bottling; with chemical and sonorous pollution; with the delays that cause losses of chances e; finally, with not the attendance of the innumerable done claims to the authorities of transit with circumscription on the way, that nothing make to skirt the situation.

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