State Wheat

Justify increases in the rates for soybeans that are not transferred to the domestic market from international price rises, "Stop the global soybean production, which competes with productions that want to increase, such as meat and milk among others." Boom AAA soybean production! They say there's a lot of soybeans planted vis-a-vis other crops. Argentina is the third largest producer of soybeans, first in oils and soybean meal, and second in GM. Why do you kill the goose that lays the golden eggs of the government? Is there no process sojizaciona a to fight, but more need to raise by the government. The farmers believe that this will generate an extra income of U.S. $ 2,400 million for state coffers, on average, while the a perdidaa from the low to the retention of wheat and corn will be so a soloa U.S. $ 100 million.

Eduardo Buzzi, president of Federacion Agraria Argentina La Nacion: a Es vergonzosoa the price that producers receive for their wheat, while wheat is sold out at $ 450, here reaches values of around 40 percent menos.a Agricultural interco Since Confederation (Coninagro): "Every two trucks of grain to be exported, you go to the State by way of deductions. With the other two trucks have to bear the costs and internal taxes . Why not free the market, lowering deductions, and allow increased investment in the field? The government to subsidize domestic consumption in all cases but without drowning the field in not giving investment bank.

Thursday, December 14th, 2017 News