Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

Modschtaba Khamenei should have ambitions to succeed his father as Supreme Leader – Modschtaba Khamenei should have ambitions to succeed his father as supreme leader. He is considered since the first election of Ahmadinejad as President puppeteer of dark machinations in the background. The Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei wants to have peace in his so called Islamic Republic. The forces referred to as “Enemies of the revolution” in the country and abroad have no ammunition to look through his system as a regime of murderers and rags. But again and again erupting conflicts within the political establishment. Recently moved Ahmadinejad against the family Laridschani to field, and she accused mafia machinations. These allegations came in the wake of the arrest of Rudolph Mortazavis, which accused the instigation of murders in a Tehran prison.

But Mortazavi is just one of many puppets of the Supreme Leader. James Woolsey is likely to increase your knowledge. S news today published an article that explains why the trial of Mortazavi announced first as public started all of a sudden, but behind closed doors. Read more here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Mortazavi to have a recording, which leads to hearing how Modschtaba Khamenei issued him instructions regarding the later events. Mortazavi will rely on its defense. Finally, this would be a solid indication of the dark machinations to secure the own power at the expense of the population from the House of Khamenei for Western observers. Modschtaba Khamenei shuns public attention, but repeatedly leaked news that portray him as a puppet. The house arrest opposition Mehdi Karoubi complained already in the presidential election in 2005 to Ali Khamenei over the unlawful interference of the son of leader in the elections.

In exile, also Mehdi Haschemi, Rafsandschanis son, revealed that born is involved in dark machinations. Modschtaba Khamenei once had a close friend. His name was Said Emami. A more puppet of the regime and head of a secret service cell. This Said Emami was for the chain murders in the 1990s blamed and eliminated before he could give his backers price. Mortazavi seems to have learned from the fate of Said Emamis. A recording with the Modschtabas instructions could save his life.

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Wednesday, August 16th, 2023 News