Within the old geomancias it is considered the better systematized and, therefore, suitable for extracting general principles of universal application which must then adapt to each place it and situation. Many of its concepts are beyond the Western rational analysis, but most of its proposals are basically aesthetic and common sense-since the concept of yin and Yang is related to the position of the Sun, they should invest for the Sur-el more sunny side hemisphere, or more yang, of buildings, would be to the North, and of more shade, or yin, to the South. Simon Brown as the North is warm, and South is cold, in the southern hemisphere have to invest North and South. As the sun still rises in the East and turns to the West, East and West are maintained without change. Master Larry Sang the Ba-gua of Northern Hemisphere describes energy patterns and qualities of the movement of the Sun.

The direction of this movement is clockwise. Also indicates the dominant direction of the movements of the wind and the water in the northern hemisphere southern hemisphere is the counterpart of this movement, our main patterns of wind and water flow in a counter-clockwise direction, and the movement of our Sun is northward.Roger Green by all this that we have expressed ANTRIORMENTE, healthy home home would be: to make a geo-environmental study, which is an INTEGRAL of a site assessment. EITHER FIELD, OR HOUSING, OR STUDIO WORK, ANYWAY. IT IS IN ORDER TO IMPROVE THEIR INFLUENCE ON THE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF THOSE WHO AS RESIDE AND IS FEEL GOOD WHO THE VISIT. TEND to have companies that already is occupy by East type of studies in all the planet.-both your home, like your bed; they are situated in the most favorable site so you can enjoy your family health and welfare?According to the different energies which radiate in your home or workplace, can cause us numerous diseases.

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