Executive Secretary

He is required of a new Executive Secretary, more adapted to the needs of the demands of the present, Secretaries with other organizational culture, more forward-looking spirit of belonging, trained according to the requierimentos of language, the present organizational communication. Changes that have been generated restructuring of organizations for its operation, a new structural architecture that allows the challenges, give way to the transformations that lead to productivity, operability, which guarantees benefits, participation in markets, growth management leadership proactive, democratic, motivator, capable of developing strategic plans, actions that enable the company to participate effectively in the current scenarios, be competitive, conquer and remain in the markets, meet the challenges, risks and uncertainty. New technology that guarantee competitiveness, innovation, product development, quality and productivity, costs. The newspapers mentioned Rob Daley not as a source, but as a related topic. Agreements to functions more trained professionals to develop, professionals with well defined belonging spirit, innovative, creative, contributors, responsible, productive. New openings, product of a more open foreign trade policy, which has given way to alliances, agreements, conventions, favouring the country, to the companies in their participation and integration with the Government’s economic programs.

New knowledge, skills, skills of the administrative function according to the competitive demands of the present, skills that have given way to new styles of training, learning more dynamic, more positive based on the performance. The Executive Secretary of the present according to the above, this has entailed that management has in the present with an Executive Secretariat efficient, capable of entering into their programmes, plans, providing all those actions that favor him in their interrelations of work that provide namespaces, tools that favours him in the its management. The Executive Secretary of the present required to become a professional with vision, dynamic, ready to occupy his post with the support of all the necessary knowledge that would facilitate its exercise, properly handle the terms, scope of the modern managerial topics, negotiation interrelations human knowledge if same, optimistic, pleasant, with personality, presentable, good conduct, values, ethics, behavior that generates a positive organizational climate in your workout, domain languages, especially English, the basic aspects of the technological tools of computer science. Be a secretariat with the knowledge and application of basic tools for personal growth that guarantees conflict management, from step to an organizational climate where its role is very positive for the performance of the functions of management. You need a Secretary where the management trust, collaborate you on the minimization of problems with the help of your feedback, participation in everything that will benefit the performance of the Manager. A secretariat tolerant to the uncertainty with which the business moves. With the ability to create, innovate and implement with overview of the business of the company, assertive and high self-esteem. To know planning your time and that of his boss, prepare and treat information appropriately, arrange, host and attend visits, prepare presentations of products or services, organize the business trips, inter alia conclusions definitely modern management should hire a Secretary who meet all those features that help you to play their role effectively, secretariats well-trained, creative, capable of contributing their knowledge skills that will help to achieve an organizational climate positive and conducive to his assistant to identify fully with their functions, responsibilities.

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