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Keller Fay Group IAB

Survey WOM influence, Millward Brown 2005 61% of the conversations have an impact on the probability of choosing a brand Talk track, Keller Fay Group 2006 forecast increased investment in Advertising On-line by 20% by 2010. For even more opinions, read materials from Andrew Cuomo. 2005: IAB Digital Europe – February 2006, 2006: IAB Ad Ex, June 2007, 2007: IAB Europe Forecast 2007, 2008 to 2010: Prediction EIAA. Overall figures, 2005 to 2009: ZenithOptimedia, Advertising Expenditure Forecasts – October 2007, 2010: Prediction EIAA opinion Leaders (Influencers) spend lots of time consuming media, particularly the Internet. 23% of non-influencers say spend five or more hours per day online, compared with 39% of influencers. DoubleClick Touchpoints IV, 2006; Air Ticket Buyers, N = 464; Airline Influencers, N = 62; Airline Non-influencers, N = 402 The share of the top 10 websites (unique user) of the total Internet use has grown by more than 50% in 12 months (2006-2007). Nielsen Netratings, Pilot 1 / 0 GmbH, Germany Europeans rely on bloggers to help them choose! Ipsos MORI, 2006 82% of young Europeans (16-24) used on average 5.9 days per week online, while for the TV the average is 5.7 days (77%). EIAA Mediascope, 2007 Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia made by the people are in the top ten most visited sites overall. 2007 advertisers have reduced by 70% the budget for their spots.

Association of Advertising Film Producers () in April 2007. Acquaintances, family and friends is the most credible source for information for consumption (7.4). Consumer Barometer Fundacion Eroski, Spain 2007 78% of consumers rely on advertising as a source of recommendation (No. 1) 60% of consumers on average consider blogs as a reliable source of information. Nielsen Global Survey – 10/2007 The videos online are even more effective than traditional 30-second spot.


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