North Governments

Change, should be for all, should not be an imposition of an authoritarian model, must be respected the institutionality, democracy and national sovereignty that apparently is not only a sort of dependency of powers outside the uncle of North and closer to South America. The change should be changed would say some in this apparent democracy, which shows us this change as a Holy thing, and in whose name has been committed various irregular events. In these times the democratic cultural revolution should not be in terms of clashes between compatriots, repression of dissidents to the Government, violence or dubious arrests, humiliation and harassment against media, speeches based on resentment and rancor, incite the spirits of any followers, etc. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Macy’s Inc. . The change must be fruitful and helpful in terms of the reconstruction of a timeless unity of all Bolivians, an economic revolution, employment generation, domestic investment and foreign with well-defined rules and without ambiguities, etc. that the country yearns for already for a long time. It is required the renewal of leadership in Bolivia, not required of military Governments less than autoritario-populistas Governments, whether they are right or left, that is say representatives of the most needy and just dedicated to destroy the rule of law through the discourse to the pleasure and taste of his followers and the acoustic of those who don’t get their policies. The next general elections should be borne by the country in a serious and responsible manner in relation to candidate to give the vote, although a server believes that where everything is bad, there is no possible, in addition to the accidental opposition nor talk choice.


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