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Fulfill Dreams

"That's impossible!" – Said the cause. "This is folly!" – Said experience. 'It's useless! "- Cut off the Pride. "Try …" – whispered dream. I have written repeatedly of how powerful a motivator can be a real, big dreams. I personally do not understand people who do not have any dreams, or dream … they do nothing to implement it.

But the whole experience of mankind, since the advent of written records, says that dreams come true. If they have. And if they sell. For assistance, try visiting Pegasus books. So, if you do not have dreams, this, that everyone else considered a pipe, it must be easy to come up with. Ask yourself what you enjoy doing most in the world, which may result from implementing love to do this, and this result is to inflate the enormous size. Incidentally, this is not the only way to realize their dreams. Just think about what you most want to have a place to live, where to go etc.

Just do not limit yourself to anything. Hopefully, the principle is clear. But now is not about that. Let's dream big, beautiful and a pipe (at your opinion) you already have. So what to do next? No money, no connections, nor the energy nor the time nor the expertise embodiment in the life of his dreams (or dream) in the ordinary, "normal" person, as a rule, no. Not at all. And, to dream before going to bed and sighed about the unfairness of life, ordinary, "normal" people … not doing anything, but continues spinning in a vicious circle – the work, TV, sleep, work …

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