Wall Street Economy

A 4.5% did the Ftse-100 in London. The shares of the French Bank Societe Generale be they plunged to close 12,34% on the Paris Bourse, leading falls in a day of the Cac-40 down. This entity also led losses last Wednesday with a decline of 15%. Has been paid much attention to a circumstance that last week brought in suspense to the market: the maintenance of the French, triple debt Note A, by the Agency of measurement of risk Standard and Poor s. For even more details, read what Wabash National Corporation says on the issue. Wall Street to the low the Dow Jones of industrial, the main Wall Street indicator, closed with a 3.68% fall that lost dimension of 11,000 points. That index, which comprises the 30 largest publicly traded companies in the United States, it subtracted 419,63 points to close at 10.990,58 units, while the selective S & P 500 yielded 4.46% and the composite index of the Nasdaq market left 5.22%. The announcement of the Morgan Stanley Bank, it lowers its prospects of growth for the world economy, EE UU and Europe situated at the edge of the n recesio, has not helped.

Before the opening of Wall Street had already known that the figure of unemployment in this country subsidy requests increased by 9,000 last week, at the same time as this country’s consumption price index rose 0.5% in July, the biggest increase since March and sales of existing houses fell 3.5% in July. Morgan Staley U.S. Bank Morgan Stanley has lowered on Thursday its forecasts for growth of the world economy for the period between the next six to twelve months. Therefore, the growth of the world economy would fall this year to 3.9 percent, from 4.2 percent expected and, in 2012, would be at 3.8% from 4.5%. The cut announced by the financial institution would imply a slowdown in the global economy for 2012 compared with this year and would place to United States and Europe dangerously on the brink of recession for the period between the next six to twelve months. Morgan Stanley emphasizes that a scenario of recession – marked by two consecutive quarters of contraction – is not the more likely. Source of the news: the Spanish stock exchange closes with a 5% drop in another black day for European parks

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Enrique Urbizu

Even in food orders, projects and external scripts that Enrique Urbizu promises to affixed his signature and ensure that the ship reaches Earth in acceptable conditions, this man always makes clear that he knows to tell stories with the camera, that cinema is its natural medium of expression. But when you can talk about the things that interest you, when you have creative control and freedom, this film bears a powerful seal, transmits the sensation that can narrate solely with images more complex, describing with verismo intrigues and nuances characters and behaviors desasosegantes, convince you that it can coexist in the same person the villain and the heroexpress or imply with style and sobriety many things about torn, solitary, dangerous people on the border, that it moves permanently in shadow areas although at some distant point light they knew. Urbizu is the author of life spot, one of the movies that have me beaten and shaken in a many years, a deep, desperate, lyrical, bronco and emotive portrait on the failure of the second chance, the forced and lacerating renounce happiness, brotherhood, moral dilemmas. Such expressive force was also evident in the twisted and violent plot of the box 507. And allowed him to return to a character (the initial point was in the unclassifiable and attractive it for pasta) that fascinates him, the guy in possession of plate that disregards the barriers between good and evil, that is only true to their own codes, pragmatic and wild, corrupt and marginal, capable of sacrificing his life on behalf of their obsessions. Source of the news:: credible and magnetic blackness Urbizu

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