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That’s it! Of course – it attracts a lot of attention. The work is simple – charge a high. What could be better. The only thing that I a little surprised – this is the price for the work. The price of one printed page and sent – 30 rubles. But since I have long been engaged in a set of text off-line, we know that the price can not exceed 10 rubles per page. More simply no will pay.

So, I wrote a letter to the owner, who offered just such a job. The result was not long in coming. The next day, I received a letter from the “employer”. In it he said that, as proposals for about the work very much, and conscientious people who do the work honestly, a little – then just last night was put a registration fee of 50 rubles. This should already arouse suspicion.

You write a letter and offer your services to earn money. But you write that they say, so and so, let me to start you money. And, so called, employers do not know what respect, the signature file, a personal appeal in a letter, etc. Them to it all just does not care. For them, one thing is important – the entrance fee, which they accentuate their attention. I decided to continue the experiment. As written in the letter I sent to the specified wallet 50 rubles fee. Why 50 rubles, but no more, no less? 50 rubles – this is just a small amount. And there is a strong likelihood that the newcomer bite on this offer. After a couple of days later I received a letter stating that I paid. Me assigned number and told to wait for orders. And as soon as orders arrive, they will process and send them to me. That is, they will scan text and send me to call. But had to wait a long time. We had to wait very long. After 3 weeks I have written letter to the employer, to provide me a job. To which he rudely said that there are no jobs in the near future does not portend. But, as I have before the game was set, I began to “bomb” his angry letters. At the beginning of answers came in saying that is about to begin the school year (3 months) then it will work. But about two weeks ago, the answers generally stopped coming. Why? Just the employer changed the mailbox which is probably already bursting at the seams from the same naive people. So, how does this scam: It creates an email address on a free server, writes an ad for zamanuhi. (The promise of wages in the $ 300-500), sent to all bulletin boards, job sites, will be charged an entrance fee (50 rubles, or more as a sense of proportion tells) After payment is promised to work through a fairly long term (1-2 months); When answering boring monotonous questions like: “And when it will work?” – begin to read with paragraph 1. So, dear readers of this article, do not go in the wake of speculators. Do not let them earn money on your ignorance of the process of earnings. You need to know and remember the information which I have described in this article, and do not fall for clever tricks of charlatans.

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