The Fight

All with a thirst for blood push the contestants to finish each other is very unpleasant to see the attitude of those people. year can believe my eyes! Some of the fighters are like any other person, but his opponent was a being beyond any logic, the subject media 2 Mts tall, extremely thin, bald, with pointy ears and a very elongated face, stuck in his face a couple of small fangs, their skin was dark gray and noises to scare anyone to listen to them and did not defend anything wrong. Finish the fight, which people praise with shouts, was close to that platform that you hear a strange voice calling me: – It's easy for you this truth. I turned and where the strange voice called me, I get scared to see a man with the same characteristics or semiparecidas who was fighting and he answered. Swarmed by offers, Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is currently assessing future choices. – I do not know what you mean.

l a me respond. – Of course, if you thought that this kind of fights are easy for someone like you, is not it, if I sign this book, I promise you'll have a memorable fight, will fight with someone much stronger than you, I assure you. It is as if this person knew me, as if he knows my weaknesses, approaching to that book full of old parchment sheets, so I was attracted to the proposal of the man, and you sign with red ink compared to the same color of blood immediately after signing the man snatches the book hugging me as if I had a considerable treasure in their hands.


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