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BONAGO on German sales Conference Munich, 31.08.2012: sales, key account management and marketing converge at the German sales Conference in Wiesbaden from September 4 to 5. On day one, the current situation and future trends are discussed and analyzed. On the second day of an intensive workshop takes place, which shows how the distribution successfully 2012 can prepare for annual talks. Coupon expert BONAGO also is as a sponsor on the spot. As always involves the sales results and new potential, when the German sales specialists in Wiesbaden meet this week. Check with 4Moms to learn more. But how to succeed the sales professionals to be successful again in 2013? Intelligent marketing strategies are a response to the question and therefore an important agenda item of the Congress. evelopment-Analysis-with-Current-and-Future.html’>Medical Billing Software Market, then click here. Congress sponsor BONAGO can score twice on this issue.

When it comes to distinguish their products from the competition and increase sales, then the coupon expert has exactly the right products in the portfolio. Consumer promotions by BONAGO can new customers on Made aware of companies and products, existing customers, promote loyalty, brands strengthened, and increased sales performance are. Consumer promotions are targeted, attractive and free for the end customer additions. Usually, these allowances are services in the form of leisure vouchers. Go to Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala for more information. They have a high perceived value, but can be offered at a low purchase price. But not only for the end customer, BONAGO has the right product in the portfolio. When it comes to reward salespeople for successes and continue to inspire, great services BONAGO can help with eclectic shopping and tank vouchers. The specially designed MitarbeiterCARD allows companies such as monthly tax-free to incentivising the staff up to a maximum of 44. Who wants to succeed 2013 sales should provide structured incentives for customers and employees. Only who systematically involved before, can its sales process profitable fashion.”so Mark Gregg, CEO of BONAGO incentive Marketing Group GmbH.

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