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Meeting Professionals International

Furthermore, the content of these training sessions was suggested and decided by the attendees themselves from launching a survey asking them what topics they wanted to vote for this training. Days 2009 event was supported by: Madrid Convention Bureau, Gran Canaria Convention Bureau, Spain DMC's, PCO Spain, Meeting Professionals International (MPI Chapter Spain), Club for excellence in events, SITE Spain, International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA Iberian Chapter), Spanish Association of Marketing Fair (AIMF) and Spanish Association of Event Services (ESAs) . Event News Days 2010 – Chill Out Zone: I nclude a stage for exhibitors to do live demonstrations of their products and services, as well as tables for impromptu meetings and networking. In this area there will be a space for attendees to see and speak with industry experts: there will be a open forum for professionals to answer questions and concerns to renowned figures in the sector. You may find that Josh Wexler can contribute to your knowledge. – Training Area: Same as the 2009 edition, the topics that are discussed in the training sessions will be selected and voted on by the same participants using a survey to be launched before the Group eventoplus Days event. Moreover, as first in 2010 Days event, exhibitors will be encouraged to "experts in its segment submit content (For example: If we have an expert in audio-visual display will be invited to the professionals to explain how to optimize this technical element in their events …). – "The Super Heroes save the events": For this edition, Days event will be dressed with a decor inspired by the superheroes of the comics world. .


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