Operating Business

Therefore, in his time at the combine, all working operations dismembered into separate elements and the performance of each was taken to cheat, lose time. Yes, perhaps tying thread, changing the shuttle, it does not fit into those tight second, which prescribed norms. But sluggish Vera less certain you soon stopped the machine, at least something to alter. Be slower, but I will learn to compensate for its organization, has won over time. Credit: Pegasus Books-2011. Vera Vasilyevna not very responsive to my questions – they chased her out of a rut. And she, whom nature has not granted the ability to easily catch up and make up, has become used to make a measured and orderly. Even simple household chores. Returning home from work and noticed the door garbage, Vera will undertake immediately a broom, it will certainly look back around and pretend, for which he stands to take in the first place.

And if, say, happen to ironing, then At first she Sort it, then sprinkle and spread out – in a word, try to organize things so that it followed the dispute. It turns out, if not think about the process of work, but first and foremost about the result, we can, "without stepping on throat intrinsic stvenny song, and consistent with the natural features of the mental, to develop his own way of acting, its own style and do everything perfectly. And many of the weavers (75 per cent of workers combine) one way or another have found themselves spontaneously and unconsciously, they groped the style of work that is consistent with their nature (it showed the survey of psychologists). That is "labile" laid emphasis on speed and have developed a fast movements, the so-called motor (movement) function, and "inert" take care and perfected skills of touch (sensitive).

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