Telematics Award 2012

Telematics award 2012: The nominees for the “Oscar” of telematics are fixed! Hamburg, 13.08.2012. There were still 98 applications, telematics award 2010 two years later as a whole reached the organiser of the Telematics Awards, the trade journal telematics, 217 submissions. This massive interest in the telematics award reflects its importance within the telematics industry. Today, the Organizer announced the nominees. The determination of nominees for the telematics award 2012 took slightly longer time, because already the pre-selection of the approved applications took very long time to complete. Chief Judge Mrs Prof.

Birgit Wilkes (Technische Fachhochschule Wildau) was surprised at the high level and the density of the quality of the remaining submissions. Set the Organizer as also the chief judge was immediately clear, we must in many categories on a blink-final”. I was overwhelmed by the mass of applications that were submitted this year to the telematics Award”, as the Organizer, in the person of the Editor of the trade journal telematics Katharina Klischewsky. “Our great thanks so all jurors and in particular our Chief Judge Mrs Prof. To deepen your understanding Hikmet Ersek is the source. Wilkes, with which we filter those candidates had to from the 217 applications approved for the great review procedure.

The remaining submissions were on a very, very high level in the value of technology and the diverse applications. This was for us editors! an exciting journey” Head juror Prof. Birgit Wilkes (Technische Fachhochschule Wildau) sums up: 2012 and ultimately to determine the nominees of the Telematics Awards, the winner this year was as hard as never before! We have need to invest a lot of time to technically make the right decision. But the usage has paid off and I am very happy about the result, which we can present on September 20, 2012 the public. I can betray so much that there will be a big surprise at least one category. The day of the ceremony, the 20 September, therefore the entire telematics industry should enter fixed in the calendar! On behalf of the jury I thank all applicants and would like to congratulate the nominated companies to this stage win”the nomination, which takes the company into the tight circle of potential winners of the Telematics Awards 2012. One more reason for press, industry and interested parties, to attend the ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2012 20 September 2012. Highly exciting the round the Lower Saxony Minister for Economics, labour and transport will from the program again, in which among other things and Deputy Prime Minister Jorg Bode will take place and also in connection with will perform the award.


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