The Novel

A friend asked me advice about the bad relationship that had with his father. Since I was a little girl, remember the problematical that was everything in the House and how abusive was his father, physically and verbally. I asked him to tell me a little about their relationships with men and it is being that it was a dilemma. She was a magnet for losers. All the men in her life were abusive relationships were made shorter every time, and she not explained is why.

Then told him: forgive and forget what happened between you and your father from your heart and let go of any resentment for a moment looked like it had offended her: How do you think I’m going to forgive someone who has hurt me so much? From one moment to another I became the villain of the novel: do not say anything of what then you can repent; meditate, pray and let me know your decision. The experience was painful, but while you keep reliving it, you’ll be reviving the pain and damaging you and you become a slave of your pain. I gave him the best advice that could at that time with information that had. I felt her grief and prayed for my friend. God works in strange ways, but works. Two days after the conversation she called me: I do not guarantee anything, but I’m going to try to resolve my differences with my father that was a good sign. It was important that she could leave what both apenaba her and made her miserable. There are things in life that you can’t do half, I said to my friend.

If a woman is pregnant, it is totally not this means pregnant or a little bit pregnant. If you forgive you must make sure that you do so without reservation. Do not say that you forgave him but that you have not forgotten what you did.

Friday, February 7th, 2014 News