The Projection

A Mercedes would be a surprise to see a secretary of 20 years buying. The expectation would be to see one high executive of 55 years of age behind the projection. The users will be those that if relate with the values, culture and personality of the product. When the hearing can visualize the six dimensions of a mark, it is called deep, case the opposite, is about a superficial mark. Thus, it would be an error to promote only its attributes. The purchaser more is interested in the benefits of the mark (KOTLER, 1998) and in this manner, to attribute the meanings to generate a recognition of the mark, generates a bigger participation and credibility in the market. 4.1.2 Recognition of the mark In accordance with Menshhein (2007), a strong mark is the intention of the great companies nowadays.

These marks conquer fast more the recognition and keep a longer cycle of life in the market. The marks that gain more the market are the ones that show a value to the customers, take care of the necessities and fulfill the fiance’ the same ones. Thus, they become part of the life of this customer, therefore many are fidiciary offices to the product or service that bring it some benefit. Already other people are not fidiciary offices thus the mark of a product and finish quite frequently changing it, due also the variety of products in the market. Some consumers desire products with recognized marks and this finishes taking the companies to reproduce the products of strong name. This normally occurs with accessories and automobiles. Still in accordance with Menshhein (2007), is evident that the products that need to be displayed have a bigger influence in imitating a success mark, but the customer does not turn a faithful consumer due the characteristics as quality (a time that any company can be pledged to have a good product/service), or guarantee (being right of the consumer the exchange possibility, in case that she has defects).


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