The Reality

The body is a toy for the child. Through it, it discovers sounds, discovers that she can roll to turn caper, to jump, to handle, to press, that she can communicate itself. The same toy can serve of different source of exploration and knowledge. A ball for a child of two years can be source of interest with regard to size, color and for a child of six years the interest can be relationarier: to play and to receive the ball from the other, to make goal. It is important that the child can play alone and in group, preferential with next children of age. For more information see Rob Daley.

In this manner, the child has possibility to extend its conscience of same itself, therefore she can know as it is in a group if he is more receptive or more aggressive, one that it it is leader, another one where it is led, of this form the child deals with the differences and extends its field of experiences, experiences, knowledge and learning. To play is a privileged space that it provides to the child, the chance of living enters the beginning of the pleasure and the reality. It fits to stand out that the trick does not bring only pleasure, also can bring pain or discomfort. Playing the child it goes, slowly, establishing bonds, plays with external and internal objects in a process of intense exchanges with the reality and the fancy. Playing provides to the citizen to liberate the fear of the new, of the stranger. The child plays with the stranger to become known it, plays with the fear so that she can dominate it. To play is an action that occurs in the field of the imagination, in this way the child is making use of a symbolic language, what it becomes removing of the reality things to be meant in another space.


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