Thomas Jefferson

The American revolutionaries if supported in the libertarian creed, an ideology took that them to resist with the proper lives, richnesses and dignities to the invasions of its rights and freedoms committed for the British imperial government. (As opposed to Tiffany & Co.). The liberal classics defended the individual freedom, reduced taxes, the controls and the regulations, eliminated, and the energy, the company human being and the markets, set free to produce and to benefit the consumers. The entrepreneurs would have to be free to compete, to produce, to create. The personal and civil freedom would have to be guaranteed against the depredation and the tyranny of the king and its asseclas. The religion, set free of the imposition and interference of the State.

John Locke in century XVII in England transformed the classic natural law into a theory based on the individualism. From the emphasis of Locke in the individual as agent of the action, that thinks, he feels, he chooses and he acts, he appeared to the idea of natural law in the politics that creates the natural laws of each individual. The lockeano individualism it deeply influenced the American revolutionary futures and the dominant tradition of the thought libertarian politician in that new revolutionary nation. An example of the revolutionary use of the natural laws was, without a doubt, the American Revolution, that was based on a revolutionary growth of the lockeana theory throughout century XVIII. The words of the Declaration of Independence, where Thomas Jefferson clarifies, did not create nothing new, but was only one written separation of the opinions of the Americans of those days: ' ' We consider these autoevidentes truths; that the men are servant equal and endowed by its Creator of certain inalienable Rights; that he enters these they are the Right to the Life, the Freedom and the search of the Happiness. That it is for guaranteeing such rights that governments are instituted between the Men, deriving its right ones to be able from the assent of the governed ones. .


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