With regard to the questionnaire, according to Marconi and Lakatos (2001.p.107), ‘ ‘ it is an instrument of collections of data, constituted of a series of questions, that must be answered in writing and without the presence of pesquisador’ ‘ .2.REFERECIAL THEORETICIAN 2.1ComunicaoO term communication is sufficiently ample, and, since the primrdios of history, the man if it worried in if expressing in some way. As Torquato (1986, pg. 15.), ‘ ‘ the communication is an opened system, similar to the company. How system, the communication is organized by the elements? source, coder, canal, message, decoder, receiver, ingredients that vitalizam processo.’ ‘ Still according to Torquato, the communication is an area to multidiscipline that it intermediates the interests of the participants, the company, as economic unit, and the interests of the administration. The communication process is inserted in the organizacional sociocultura, and the object of analysis if it concentrates on the elements internal formadores of climate, from the research of etnia and culture of the organizacionais types, supporting itself in antropolgicos beddings.

For authors Breton and Proulx (2002), the first stories of the writing had occurred in the Mesopotmia, for return of the room millenium a.c, being these purely pictogrficos, that is, only figurative drawings were used to represent objects or situations. As the site of the Superinteressante magazine, the first registers of hierglifos had been carried through by the Egyptians in year 3500 a.C, becoming the figures most abstract and facilitating the understanding. The first alphabet bred occurred in the Syrian, was very restricted and it did not contemplate the vowels. But between centuries VII and IV a.C in Greece, is constituted an alphabet contends responsible vowels for the origin of the great writings until the generalization of the Latin alphabet in in agreement Ocidente.Ainda Breton and Proulx (2002), Rome was the responsible society for the main changes in the model of communication, which had its organization come back toward the social communication of the figures central offices of the time.


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