It's no secret, as beneficial to the psychological state of contemplation of water. The water calms down, tunes on the philosophical wave. Creek, pond, lake – none of this will spoil the landscape. And in order to organize the pond on his site are not necessarily investing a large amount of energy and resources. It is advisable to choose a sunny, cozy place, located at some distance from the main buildings and paths. Then should decide what size will be in your pond, creek, rock garden. Now we need to put on the earth shape the future of the reservoir, a river (if you intend to drive) and rock garden.

After these preparations You can dig a pond. If the ground lungs of the lower layers – sand, sandy loam – it can be used as the base of Alpine hills. Pond start to dig in the middle, with the deepest part. Then go to the formation of the walls, which may be flat or in steps. After the relief of the internal reservoir, inspect excavation, remove stones, roots and sticking otsypte sifted sand, which will serve as depreciation. Above the sand fit synthetic "substrate", which is covered with waterproofing membrane. You can get by with plastic wrap, specifically designed for this purpose.

But keep in mind that it is harmful to sunlight, so to prolong the life of her best to impose, for example, stones. As cementing solution suitable kiln clay. By the time of completion of the organization of the pond bottom under a rock garden should be poured.

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Sunday, February 9th, 2020 News