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Spencer Johnson Daily

Another good technique offers the authors' One Minute Manager "by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson Daily planning is now time to do the last step: move planned for the month of and distribute them on daily basis. Today is the first day of our lifetime. You can plan your life for such period as you like, the most important thing that you did today! Here you can take example of members of Alcoholics Anonymous. These sick people do not decide to never again in my life not to drink. Such a goal does not give the desired result, as if to face the truth, it can be assessed only after some considerable time, ie retroactively. But you can solve quite specifically, for example, now do not drink a drop of alcohol, and that this partial success – "intermediate station" can be very accurate estimate.

That's our last building block in the whole planning system will develop a work plan for the day. Much more important is thorough filling of all of these sections is a summing up of the day. Do you have achieved the goal that was scheduled for day? Or, to put it differently: "Do all you've done from that planned for the day?" You, of course, it is clear that this is only possible if you put in front of him on that day (of the psychological considerations of planning cases should take place the night before) the corresponding target. Even Pythagoras pointed out to us on this, noting: check daily your actions! Illustration of today we have a playful, but in every joke, only a fraction of a joke.


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