Children are removed in their rooms themselves, or camp staff does it? Preparation of the teaching staff where you can learn about the real center camp. During the preparation of the state which paid more attention? How long did the period of training counselors? It is likely that the head never asked about this before. Remember that the reaction of the head of your question so as important as the answer. Security and medical care All actions should be monitored by competent staff who taught the basics of first aid. If there is water nearby, ask if there is qualified lifeguards in the state or at the campsite. You should find out if bolnitsamedpunkt in the territory, and how far away the nearest hospital. The camp should also ask parents to fill questionnaire with medical contra-indication and characteristics of the child. What is included in the price * Accommodation (Days / Nights) * Meals * Travel * Materials, sports equipment * Conducting entertainment * Pool * Other facilities: horse riding, Paint ball, golf, etc. A related site: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala mentions similar findings.

Size camps, one size only does not tell you anything about the camp. It is likely that in large camps (more than 150 children) will be a greater range of choice of activities for your child. Lack of large camps – lack of control over children and a large area. In the camps, with a small number of children given more attention to each child. Camp just for boys or girls you might prefer that your child is with his or her own sex.

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