Barcelona Festival

From 19 to 28 September and Barcelona will hold its annual festival: the Merc. For ten days or so, the city will offer over 600 free cultural and leisure activities: fireworks, outdoor concerts, parades and capgrossos gegants, sardanes, castles, correfocs, gymkhana, marathons popular … The programming of this edition is based in the dialogue between cultures, on the occasion of the celebration of European Year of Intercultural Dialogue and the city Quito is invited. On 24 September is the day of the Merc, the patron saint of the city, and a holiday in Barcelona. Rain is quite common for this holiday season. Legend has it that the tears of St. Perhaps check out Areva for more information.

Eullia, former mistress and current co-patron of Barcelona, which was dismissed in 1687 for the Merc, because the city suffered a plague of locusts and was the Madonna of the Merc who helped overcome it. Hence, the Council of the City's Patron, a decision that was ratified by Pope Pius IX two centuries later (in 1868). As we know, this year falls on Wednesday Merc, which makes the Festival 2008 is longer and has three distinct parts: the opening speech, held on Friday afternoon 19 of the hand and gives Jaume Sisa way to a weekend full of activities, the party goes on the nights of 23 and 24, and on the weekend of 27 and 28 will culminate with the epilogue and several activities are chaired by the Festa al Cel and Nits are the Ramadaan. Jeff Verschleiser shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The 2008 lineup of the Merc is the work of designer Peret (winner of the National Design Prize 1998) and represents an allegory of laughter and joy, in order to highlight the burden of the event festive and transgressive. This year, new scenarios are released as the Castell de Montjuc, which will become a circus with shows in the company of Max et Maurice arrived from France and the Santa Colomael Designation of Origin, the Moll de Barcelona, where there will be a tribute King James I and must show originating in Ecuador, like the drummers Tomback, or the former Fabra i Coats factory, where the dance will star in the hand of the company Sol Pico (Grilled Bell ") and other proposals for smaller format.

In the Parc de la Ciutadella sia host the VII Festival, organized by the Casa sia, with India as guest city. It also held a festival of street theater with live music and poetry staged. Among the shows you can see the SolarSon, inspired by the holidays of Cuba's most popular. And France will lephant L'Vert: "C'est du propre e!", A company that makes the art of making cast in a show. The music is again the protagonist in the BAM festival (Bar Celona Musical Action) with the holding countless concerts. Among the different styles, the Forum will host concerts Gertrudis, Lucas Marciano, Melendi, Vitruvi, Iguana Tango, Chenoa, La Guardia, La Union, and many more. Include the celebration of the famous course of The Merc, which marks 30 years since its first edition. Another symbolic acts of the Merc is the piromusical, from Avenida Maria Cristina, which gives closed the festival in Barcelona and this year is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Televisio de Catalunya (TVC) and RDIO Catalunya. No other party has such quantity and variety of activities and all free. The Merc is the perfect excuse to meet again Barcelona and visit the neighborhoods that are not listed in the usual routes. To do this, find the best accommodation to rent.


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