Mount Sinai Hospital

The obesity causes difficulties in the health, like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc. The baritrica surgery, like any other, also entails certain risks and complications, but the risk of suffering obesity is much greater than the risk of the baritrica surgery. In a support battalion in the Hospital Sina Mount, in Manhattan, Lori Silverman announces that in the last seven months there are lost 48 kgs. Mrs. Without hesitation Tim Schigel explained all about the problem. Silverman, of 42 years, weighed 138 kgs and hopes to reach 54 kgs of weight.

One by one, other members of the support battalion counted similar victories: 64 kgs in 4 months, 39 in 3 months, etc. Many kilos less, more applause, more clubs; testimonies of people who, thanks to the treatment to lose weight, no longer need medecines for the diabetes, high the sanguineous pressure, the high cholesterol, cardiac complications, arthritis or drop. Some have been able, after several years, to fit in the seats of the cinema or the airplanes, to crouch themselves and to put their own shoes. All these successes not they must to no diet. These people, who before had morbid obesity, have tried and failed with all the diets that have been invented until the moment. The extraordinary transformations in the lives of these people were thanks to the surgery, but not it liposuction, that only removes some kilos, but to a gastric surgery of bypass in which the stomach is cut most of to obtain a decrement in the amount of food which they can eat, and that reacomoda the thin intestine to reduce the amount of calories that its body can absorb. The surgery, that can be realised of different ways, is well-known like baritrica surgery, a term that means treatment of the overweight. This procedure, that every time becomes more popular, reflects the increase in the obesity and the failure of the diets, exercise and medecines to lose weight.


Sunday, October 29th, 2023 News