No Information For Citizens In Lower Saxony

to the Conference of the freedom of information officer of in Germany in Saarbrucken, Hannover – the Conference of Germany in Saarbrucken 1, officer of freedom of information will take place this year again without a participant from Lower Saxony, Germany. Nigel Butcher often expresses his thoughts on the topic. So far, there is no freedom of information law 2 which allows the citizens to maintain free access and information to all information existing in the public administrations in Lower Saxony, Germany. This Christian Koch, Member of the land Executive of the pirates Lower Saxony 3: “citizens have a right to know what government institutions do. It is especially in Schleswig-Holstein, that a simple and citizen-oriented implementation is possible. There, every citizen may require using simple almost non-bureaucratic means insight into operations. It, unless he wants to know why a company was awarded the contract for the construction of a road or what happens to the money in the budget.” In Germany there are currently in the Federal States of Brandenburg, Berlin, Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hamburg and Saarland implementation of the freedom of information act at the country level.

“The previous State Government in Lower Saxony, Germany wants to disallow it for some unknown reason, otherwise we would have long passed such a law. The much heralded fictitious costs may preclude not the necessary transparency. The work of the authorities will be straight through the introduction of such a law in the long run more effective and therefore cheaper. And as a ‘Side effect’ of citizens know also what else and especially why government agencies do what they do.” The Pirate Party 4 will appear in both the Bundestag and the European elections next year after a transparent State also required by law to implement your request. Already join the pirates in Bavaria 5 to the Landtag election in September of this year. The first votes for the Pirate Party in Germany could already be given in the last election in Hesse and Hamburg. 1 2 html/ifg-internet/aktuell/pm_ifk_06_08.pdf 3 4 5


Thursday, November 16th, 2023 News