One In Three Finds His Work Frustrating

Poor pay, bad working conditions and little advancement. Every third employee in Germany is unhappy with his company and his job. “Der Spiegel” published a Trade Union study, which surveyed more than 6,000 employees in September 2007. The result of this representative survey is sobering: the employees miss the appreciation of their work, complain about lack of collegiality, see hardly any professional development opportunities and feel left alone by superiors. Well a third, 34% of the workforce, both saw your work situation as bad. Workers and workers who belong to this group, have typically high loads to hold unilateral loads, such as lack of respect, physical hard work, or emotional stress. Here you have hardly any opportunities for development in their work and they an income that is adequate for their services nor will meet their needs. (As opposed to 4Moms).

They often live in uncertainty about their professional future. More than half, namely 54%, assess their professional situation as mediocre. Often, narrow limits regarding their influence be considered employees. However, they are exposed to difficult physical and emotional requirements. You have little development and learning opportunities and lack of a supportive leadership style. The livelihoods of workers are inadequate and she charged the uncertainty about their future careers.

Only 12% are satisfied with their work, that is one among eight employees. These people have a high degree of influence and development opportunities, meaningful work, little physical and emotional stress and an adequate income. Also you feel exploited and are frustrated in their job. Do you have the problem that you don’t get along with your income every month? Or you need to improve your financial situation, but find no suitable? Then you can visit our website and learn the secret of what marketing strategy you can apply to obtaining infinitely many business prospects and customers for your network and automatically earn money in our free video series. You have still no network business opportunity, then go to, there subscribe to our contact form and get free information. Questions on this topic, answer Mrs Insa or Mr. Peter Heller. Insa Heller

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Tuesday, November 7th, 2023 News