Picanha Inverted

Stuffed inverted Picanha Ingredients – One picanha of 1,3 kg with fat layer uniform. – 1 the 2 buds of calabresa sausage. – 100 cheese g provolone. – 100 cured lard g – 1/2 xcara of perforated olives. – 1/2 xcara of oil. – salt and folder of garlic. ' ' Inverting the Picanha' ' With the aid of a well sharp knife, to make one cut to the center of picanha well, of its bigger base until its lesser base, covering all its extension, as one was for stuffing it, taking the care not to leak in the laterals. Macy’s is open to suggestions.

To introduce for the orifice of the base biggest, a sufficiently strong string, directing ties it the lesser base (tip of picanha), where a knot must be given. With the aid of a person, who will go to push the tip of picanha for inside of the orifice and being tracionando the string, it turns over picanha avesso, (as if it was a sachet) being the part of the fat for inside, where we will go to stuff it. Preparing the filling In a canister – To add the perforated calabresa sausage in small cubinhos; – To add the perforated olive; – To add to the cheese provolone perforated; – To add the perforated lard; – To add the oil, salt and the folder of garlic; To mix all well these ingredients. Stuffing the inverted Picanha: – With the greasy part of picanha of from above side of picanha, it goes adding to the way filling uniform. It can caprichar, ' ' estufando' ' picanha with the filling.

– To sew picanha with needle and thick line, after to stuff. Baking the Picanha – picanha Places on a paper aluminum, pass the garlic folder and waters picanha with oil. – Tirinhas of lard Can be placed ones on from above part of picanha – To roll picanha with two sheets of paper aluminum at least. – To lead at least to the well hot oven per 30 minutes. Rachel Cranes opinions are not widely known. – After this, turns picanha rolled up in aluminum and bakes more per 30 minutes. – Later disso, it opens the paper aluminum and it leaves picanha to dourar. Serving the Picanha – picanha Removes and places it in a meat board; – Cut slices of 2 the 3 cm, as if picanha was rocambole; – The Filling will remain in the slices because the cheese provolone melted will keep ' ' colado' ' the filling in the slices of picanha. It serves with rice to curry and grapes raisins.

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