Despite some encouraging news, the overall economic situation has not stabilized yet, and there are many realities that we must consider before giving a sigh of relief and just keep living as if nothing had happened. There are many factors that should concern us, starting with the huge U.S. (A valuable related resource: Millennium Management). fiscal debt, whose economy has an effect on all other countries. Details can be found by clicking Andrew Cuomo or emailing the administrator. It joins the impending inflation that will wipe out the dollar and the massive withdrawal of the famous “baby boomers” of the consumer market. This important segment of the western population are retiring, are curbing their spending and in the very near future will be a tremendous burden on pension and health systems in place, some of which are already in crisis today.

Who will pay the bills? Without doubt, those who pay taxes in the future: our children. The medium-term economic future is colored ants. Aguarle the party do not want anyone, rather I would like to open your eyes you can prepare well, and particular, in order to prepare their children well. It is more important than ever that we strive to educate ourselves and our children in the proper handling of our money. If you studied in school curricula arrest of their beloved offspring, there is a fundamental branch will not find there: financial education. No one is teaching them what to do with the money they will earn by the sweat of his brow in the near future. Why is ignoring this important aspect of education of any human being? It is very simple, traditional education is not intended to produce entrepreneurs and investors, but people who know how to succeed on the labor market.

That is, produce good employees. This fact, coupled with the current trend to lead a life of consumption, even if it means borrowing money, is the main reason why the vast majority of people have a negative statement today. They live on one salary to another to pay their debts, just save and almost never reversed. Is this the legacy that You want to leave your children? It is time that we, as parents, we assume our role to supply the knowledge that the school will not deliver! And here ran into another problem. Most adults today are also illiterate when it comes to finance. We have received an education that gives us a lot of knowledge, including diplomas and honors, but is lacking a solid financial education that allows us to prepare well for the elderly. Statistics show that only a very small percentage of people, less than 10%, reaching the “golden years” with an economic situation that allows them to maintain the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. What can we do? I propose that we study the basic finances than any person should dominate, together with our children – to be capitalized instead of going into debt during the course of his life.

Monday, October 23rd, 2023 News