Steffen Ebert Neuendorf

The Enterprise version of XP unlimited many such remote connections are any possible. The integrated SSL gateway ensures secure data transmission. In addition, users of Active Directory can be managed. In recent months, BWX Technologies has been very successful. The classic version uses the local Windows user management and is available for 5, 10 or unlimited users. It is not something How much is kind worth would like to discuss. A normal workstation computers in companies typically runs two to three years before a replacement is necessary. With XP unlimited companies dramatically reduce these continuous investments and achieve significantly lower total cost of ownership through optimal utilization of the hardware and cheaper energy costs when using thin clients”, explains Steffen Ebert, Managing Director marketing and sales at EBERTLANG. Also companies win flexibility, since the existing infrastructure can be backed up quickly, easily and cost-efficiently and extended.” About EBERTLANG distribution GmbH: The EBERTLANG distribution GmbH, headquartered in Giessen focus since its inception in 1995 on the wholesale of software for IT professionals and is today one of the leading value-add special distributors in German-speaking Europe.

In addition to the classic distribution work and access to over 3,000 specialized professionals with focus especially on small and medium-sized enterprises provides EBERTLANG manufacturers of but also support for the market introduction of new products, the localization of software and appropriate marketing strategies and a growing brand awareness. EBERTLANG’s product portfolio include quasi standards such as WinGate, the first Internet access management solution for Microsoft Windows; MDaemon, one of the most popular Windows mail servers; Serv-U, the most widely used FTP server for Windows operating systems. Ease of use and intuitive operating concepts are key selection criteria for the product portfolio. The extensive range of services ranging from training for resellers and users of audits up to the Before place integration, which are carried out in cooperation with our channel partners. Contact address: EBERTLANG distribution GmbH Mr.

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MyrCache customers reported sales jumps in the double-digit percentage range. The SISTRIX-SEO visibility index rises sharply in just a few weeks. Grunwald (Munich) – 09.02.2011. The Munich-based premium-PHP service provider SOPRADO brings with MyrCache a high-availability performance solution for Magento commerce based shop systems on the market, which the speed by up to factor 100 can increase. Long page load times or unavailable servers greatly inhibit the growth of eCommerce portals. These results often dissatisfied customers, a reduced customer loyalty and revenue losses. Shop owners can gain a clear competitive advantage by performance-enhancement.

The MyrCache cloud developed by SOPRADO attaches at this point and helps Magento stores to grow much faster and safer. MyrCache is a cloud system, which is based on fragment caching and can differentiate between static and dynamic pages fragments. Dynamic fragments are content, which will change as a result of visitor interactions such as the shopping cart or a product comparison. The homepage, product and category pages are cached by MyrCache in its entirety. Publishers Clearing House does not necessarily agree. By differentiation of dynamic and static content dynamic pages can appear extremely quickly for the user.

Resources are also automatically reduced and compressed. Comparing the measurement results in terms of speed and availability of a standard Magento shop with a MyrCache shop, the differences are very clear. While Magento can deliver approximately 10 pages per second on common hardware, a MyrCache instance creates easily 5,000 pages per second. The MyrCache cloud dealt with approximately 50,000 pages per second. With MyrCache, our customers benefit from an improved user experience and massive increases in speed. In the result of conversion and sales of the shop owner thanks to MyrCache grow significantly”, explains the founder and Managing Director Sascha Schumann. On top of that MyrCache is available directly to customers and may in urgent cases within two Hours productive used”, as Schumann next. More information about MyrCache see: myracache / contact: soprado GmbH Bavariafilmplatz 7, building 71 82031 Grunwald Managing Director Sascha Schumann email: press contact Frank Doller phone: 089 / 64 99 28 62 fax: 089 / 75 40 88 33 email: about SOPRADO SOPRADO GmbH based in Grunwald near Munich was founded in 2006 by Sascha Schumann. As a PHP core developer of the first hour Sascha Schumann is on the development of many basic technologies of PHP (including session support, Apache2 integration) have been directly involved, and emerged as a co author of one of the first PHP books (professional PHP programming, 1999) and conference speaker. SOPRADO counts to the leading PHP service providers in Germany and employs approximately 20 fixed and free people. We are the experts for highly special Web projects and scripting languages in the business-critical mission. Continuously practiced as recipes for success Test-first and continuous integration are our standard”, Managing Director Sascha Schumann describes his approach. Sixt, E.ON SOPRADO’s clients include IT,, Sigel, WEKA, loyalty partner (PAYBACK ), Heise media group, Union investment, TomTom, and the Gala Coral Group.

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CTR Xretarget

Media agency pilot Berlin uses the product xretarget of the xplosion interactive GmbH Hamburg, 16 May 2011: the media agency pilot Berlin, gets more support in online marketing. The Hamburg-based retargeting provider of xplosion interactive GmbH, specialist for intelligent retargeting, convinced the Agency pilot Berlin during a two-month trial period. xplosion convinced us in two ways. Get more background information with materials from Jeff Gennette. Again, because the product delivers excellent results xretarget. On the other hand, because the team has shown in the test phase, that it very reliable, professional and committed handles projects”, Christian Inatowitz, Managing Director emphasises pilot Berlin, the strategic importance of cooperation. Retargeting offers interesting advantages advertising company and has long been one of the pillars in performance marketing. Governor Cuomo takes a slightly different approach. Because personalized banners have a higher relevance for users and increase as CTR and conversion.

It can be measured directly and efficiently. In addition, retargeting convinced because of the performance-based Billing models. Is paid only in case of success: when the user clicks or as xplosion at Bay when the user actually buys, or requesting information. xplosion bashers here xretarget with their product. With xretarget, companies have the opportunity to combine the advantages of the Retargetings with the wishes and needs of the user, to incorporate elements of the current brand communication and to achieve such sustained success. Every two weeks xplosion pilot Berlin vote and the retargeting efforts on current online campaigns of the customer priorities. So current sales promotions in all retargeting advertising find themselves; Current promotions for example. With xretarget achieve reliable performance values over 0.5% click-through rate and more than 4% conversion rate.

Lost customers are successfully reactivated and maximize the revenue potential of existing customers. And with a respectful look at the sensibilities of users”, commented Daniel Neuhaus, CEO of xplosion interactive GmbH. The aim of the strategic cooperation the performance values of the pilot of Berlin is to increase customers in the long term.

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New Sales Tool For Your Pocket!

Extensive product ranges have a high marketing expenditure. Not with sellsation! Professional and simple product presentation and strengthening customer loyalty instead of sales effort! The new sales tool sellsation is a small, fast and handy software for product presentations and sales. People such as Western Union would likely agree. The demand led to a sales-supporting software, which can be used both online and offline sellsation to develop the Cologne Internet Agency Content3. sellsation can be flexibly adapted to the corporate image and offers a professional product presentation in the handy pockets the sales format! With a 3D view, the product range in the right light can be presented without that E.g. annoying catalogs need to be towed. In sellsation, you can enter easily to existing products or new collections, sort, or print out as a PDF catalogue.

The allocation of different user rights prevents reliable unauthorized access to product information, such as for example different Price scales or currencies. Creating sales documents in connection with the integrated order function facilitates and accelerates the sales and avoids unnecessary paperwork. Especially for companies with large or small-scale product ranges, sellsation is the ideal sales tool “says Frank Jaker, Managing Director of Content3 Web solutions. sellsation streamlined sales processes and optimizes customer loyalty. Check out the product demo see: on. sellsation of a product: Content3 Web solutions Jaker & Park GbR Richard-Byrd-str. 18 D-50829 Cologne

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September Chronos

CSP provides with Chronos easier compliance compliance with custom applications Grosskollnbach, September 28, 2010. Chronos database archiving solution helps in addition also the disk assignment audits now in addition to Z1 and Z2 Z3. GDPdU-compliant archiving is an issue not only in E-mails and documents but also with database content. The CSP GmbH & co. has implemented the requirements of the market KG for this in a new IDEA module for Chronos. Jeff Gennette does not necessarily agree. The solution provides selected data for Auditors or the inch disk transfer for testing software IDEA easily and quickly.

Just self-developed applications (so-called custom applications) meet in many companies special tasks. In most cases, an interface to IDEA is missing but because it is not planned at the beginning of the project. With Chronos, the GDPdU-compliant disk transfer into your existing applications can be integrated with little effort. Chronos relieves the productive database and simplifies compliance with compliance requirements: companies benefit from the revision-proof storage of database content and the uncomplicated way to the disk transfer. The disk transfer is standard after Z3 for tax and customs-related data in the audit. Both the direct and indirect access (Z1 and Z2) a high personnel costs is necessary.

For providing disk, however, the archive administrator creates a search query for tax or customs-relevant data already in advance. Further details can be found at Jeff Gennette, an internet resource. He performs this query is requested by the authorities as IDEA-export. Chronos creates a compressed file that contains the metadata and payload data in XML or CSV files. These files are provided the examiner on a disk (for example, DVD). More information is available for those interested in the Web page After extensive testing of the solution of Chronos confirmed audicon, manufacturer of Testing software IDEA: The supplied disk transfer is technically compliant with the description standard according to GDPdU. An import is possible without any problems.

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Service Management

IT organizations are facing significant changes the topic cloud is no longer only a fashionable trend, but increasingly established themselves within the company. It intervenes in the IT service management (ITSM) this immediately, because have to come from external services not without internal control and they are merged with other applications. Compliance reasons play an essential role in the management of cloud services. First name last name, Director of ITSM Consulting AG, from practical point of view some of the typical influences of cloud IT service management strategies put together: more interfaces to external Services Manager: procedure, to standardize the various external performance additions and to coordinate according to clear criteria of process requires an efficient control of the cloud provider. This provider management is a prerequisite for a targeted and trouble-free performance control, but for the IT organization often a new task. Even where previously a Multi-provider-sourcing has been operated, it lacks sometimes sufficient conditions, because it can come in the wake of cloud strategies to significantly more diverse provider relations with similarly numerous interfaces to external services providers. Service level management is complex: already existing forms of multi-vendor sourcing the coordination of the different service levels presented often as a problem. Given the granular services of a large number of providers, pronounced cloud strategies in this respect create additional requirements, because the most various performance agreements must be harmonised.

This includes also a demand-led monitoring, which covers increases with the expansion of the cloud services in the interest of adequate transparency of the entire external services. The contract management in this context is equally complex. Greater attention in terms of compliance necessary: the purchase of cloud services is becoming increasingly attractive by their high degree of standardization and availability of short-term and comfortable. This can increase the willingness of business departments to take cloud services on their own claim, especially since their usage is often possible without extensive IT expertise.

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Yes We Care! -IT Documentation

The free IT books and CMDB i-doit launches an optimization campaign. More and more people opt for an IT documentation on the basis of i-doit. This helps the project in two ways: get the user community and thus the expertise built up in the applications. At the same time the spectrum fans out is always more special requirements and appropriate adaptations in the tool. synetics supports this dynamic with a continuous further development of tools and services around the tool. In the last months Bill has i-doit provider synetics its development and support team significantly increased, to the growing customer response wear. Now, the company has improved its services around the product.

You are new i-doit Academy, as well as special workshops for the professional application of the solution. In addition a product – and support structure, which promises maximum benefits on every current usage request arrives. So, for example, the element Codingent provides”a fixed quota for hours. which customers can use for development contracts around their use of i-doit. Support & care “synetics experts questions package to create your own extensions. Or they give assistance in the commissioning of i-doit, if obstacles occur during the execution of the installation routine.

The i-doit-Starter package”finally contains among other things developing a configuration management plan, best practices for the use of i-doit CMDB or the development of individual import filter for the merging of existing asset data. More information for new product and support structure as well as the Academy and the workshops under products services / about i-doit: the ITIL compliant open source solution for IT documentation i-doit is since end of 2004 on the market. The product has established in many companies. “Since 2009, the synetics GmbH in Dusseldorf position i-doit as a base product for smart ITSM”.

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Recruitment Is Important

Use of internal and external recruitment in the company staff are seen in many companies as important resource and therefore represent an unbeatable competitive advantage relative to its competitors. As a result, a central role already comes to recruitment. Usually a distinction is made in the recruitment after internal and external recruitment. When the internal recruitment, a vacancy is filled with a staff, which is already employed in the company. In contrast, the vacancy for external recruitment is occupied with a new staff, so far have not worked in the company.

In entrepreneurial practice largely a combined use of both procurement types has become, especially since both the internal and the external recruitment bring advantages and disadvantages with it. So the internal recruitment provides undoubtedly a decisive advantage in the drastic minimization of false occupations, since the capabilities and skills of the staff already in the company are widely known and recorded. “Moreover, the staff knows already practice in the company, which a possible rude awakening” on the part of the employee can be excluded. Not to be neglected is also usually rather low temporal requirements as well as the comparatively low costs in the filling of vacancies with staff already employed by the company. In contrast, is a wider range of potential candidates for a position with the external recruitment. Also, where appropriate, costs for training do not have external recruitment, since the new employees directly on the basis of the qualifications required for the position can be selected. The option provides another positive effect that new employees from external applications new–so far non-existent impulses in the company can carry. The risk of frustration Council information proves to be as particularly detrimental for the internal recruitment or Envy formation in the case of a rejection of internal candidates. On the other hand, it may cause lack acceptance if the former colleague to serve also as the superior.

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Requirements Software

In the age of automation, software escrow the software underlying the business processes of a company plays an increasingly important role. Regularly by an external provider of software is programmed, developed and customised to the company. But what happens when the software fails, troubleshooting is denied by the software provider or this adjusts the own business all of a sudden? The source code underlying a software is the key to the development and maintenance of the software underlying the business processes for the company concerned in such cases. The source code is basically however intellectual property and trade secrets of the software manufacturer and not regularly used for the undertaking. A fiduciary deposit (software escrow) of the source code can adequately protect the interests of all parties involved in such a worst-case scenario.

The source code is for a debtor to extreme secrecy Depository institution deposited and may only under circumstances precisely defined previously by the parties – how are issued for an insolvency of the provider of. The quality of the deposit of the source code is currently unfortunately only rarely in practice its existential meaning. It is problematic, in particular, deposited the source code on a disk on a trustee, without having previously someone critically has grappled with its contents. To actually have an added value for the company in the theSoftware, the source code must be complete, understandable, difficult, properly documented and identical version. An expert technical review of the source code before depositing is therefore virtually indispensable, so not in the theSoftware turns out that the stored source code is practically worthless. Current publications on the topic: ITRB 04/2013, 87-89 “proper verification for software escrow – requirements for the testing of source code and documentation for software depositing” by Dr. Oliver Sankaran

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Junior Manager Marketing

Integrated approach to migration is planning security Siegen, 02 October 2013. The current version of PoINT Storage Manager by PoINT Software & Systems GmbH makes data migration to other storage systems users. Obsolete storage technologies can be exchanged for new or additional components integrated. This is done with the PoINT Storage Manager 4.0 transparently and without interruption in operation. Customization of the applications or existing workflows are not necessary. The migration of data to new storage technologies is inevitable because of the massive data growth, tougher compliance requirements and faster technology updates.

But also when changing to a different hardware provider, for example due to expiring support contracts, a migration is required. The challenges are manifold. It especially comes to new storage devices to transfer the data without loss, without affecting to implemented workflows. In addition she should at best the needs Technology are used. The PoINT reliably solves this task Storage Manager.

Basis to first is the integrated tiered storage architecture. The data according to their activity in the appropriate animal rule-based stored: active data in the performance animal, inactive in the CAPA city animal and be archived in the archives animal. It used the technologies with the best specific properties. Users can select a particular storage technology from the manufacturer of their confidence. PoINT works closely with many vendors, so that the PoINT Storage Manager supports early on new technologies. Is a data migration as part of a change of memory or an extension, this occurs transparently in the background, without interrupting while the operational access must be. Companies must take into account the ever-increasing data growth in their storage projects”that storage manager discusses Thomas Thalmann, Manager products and services by PoINT Software & Systems GmbH. with the PoINT we give them necessary flexibility to respond to technology change at any time. Furthermore, additional and unnecessary costs in the context of a migration be avoided.” PoINT Software & systems is specialized in the development of software products and system solutions for the storage and management of data on all available mass storage devices, such as hard disks, magnetic tapes and optical media via PoINT. Working closely with its technology partners enables early support for new storage technologies. In addition to complete solutions PoINT offers its expertise in the form of toolkits, which can easily be integrated into other applications with their programming interface. In addition, projected PoINT complete storage solutions and stands with his long and varied experience available. PoINT products are sold by about 50 partners in over 25 countries worldwide and have proven so far more than two million installations. PoINT customers range from the End users, which is a compact, reliable solution to large corporations, which completely meet their complex needs with our products there required reliability and perfection. Editorial Contacts: PoINT Software & Systems GmbH Sebastian clover Junior Manager Marketing ice fields str. 316, 57080 Siegen Tel.: + 49 271 3841-155 fax: + 49 271 3841-151 PR agency of good news!

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