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Moscow Industrial Center

In the south of Moscow in 17 kilometers from Moscow lies the town of Podolsk. This is a major industrial city of Moscow region is the river Pakhra, has a population of 180 thousand people and a total area of 4,000 hectares. Advantageous geographical position powerful scientific and industrial potential does Podolsk one of the most attractive cities in the Moscow region for industries, urban development and infrastructure. Podolsky district is one of five major economic developed regions of the Moscow region. In addition, he is superior to other cities by population, so there is an active housing construction and opening shopping centers and businesses. Real estate Podolsk, presented as a broad range of housing in new buildings and houses in the secondary market of various types, as well as the countryside housing.

Despite the crisis in Podolsk Podolsk district and booming construction building new high-rise residential complexes. In 2009, Podolsk, the true aims leader in the number of new buildings in the suburbs. New residential developments "Podil's'ki Vastness", "Atlant", "South Park" and many others possess all the attributes of a decent, comfortable and modern living. Each built a house provided with all utility systems: gas, water, heating, electricity, telephone and internet. Next to houses are kindergartens, schools, hospitals, supermarkets.

Another important factor is the allocation of sites for sports and recreation, walking pets. In connection with this sale and rent in Podolsk, nor in spite of everything that is in full way. It is worth noting that the property in Podolsk is about two times cheaper than in Moscow. Housing prices in the capital is still not cease to amaze and even "scare" simple inhabitants – people not only regional, but also the Moscow. Therefore, to solve their housing problems, many are trying to help with buying and renting houses and apartments in the near and middle suburbs. Since the prices of apartments ranging from Podolsk 66 500 83 300 thousand rubles to. per 1 sq. km. meter of housing, while average cost of the same meter in the capital is 110 850 thousand rubles. (As at 18.01.2010). Therefore, the average two-bedroom apartment in Moscow area of 54 square meters would cost as two odnushki Suites in Podolsk, or a full treshka in new ibid. Of course, maybe you should not compare housing in the capital with a similar housing in suburban areas, but for those who appreciate nemnogolyudnom, quiet and measured life, a minimum gas content of habitats, Podolsk district may be the best option to solve these problems. We should also note the suburban real estate Podolsk district. Just a half hour drive from Moscow, anyone can buy a plot or a ready-made house near such cities as Klimovsk Podolsk district, Podolsk Scherbinka or himself. Plot with a house you can buy from 2000000 RR, depending on the preferences and tastes. Agree, it is not so expensive for a comfortable, solitary life in a house with a private garden, with no neighbors behind the wall, but the forest and the river behind the fence.

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Logistics And Transport Monitor

All have become accustomed to the use of software systems to automate accounting, optimization of the warehouse, accounting for vehicles, etc. However, progress is not in place, and modern information technology open new opportunities for fleet management and organization of transport logistics company, from creating the optimal plan for delivery of goods using electronic cards to monitor vehicles. Thus the cost of such solutions is that their implementation can not afford to not only large enterprises but also small businesses, and return on investment in logistics systems and monitoring only a few months. The monitoring system of transportation is a hardware-software complex, which includes several components: electronic maps, flight controllers for automobiles, sensors and actuators (used to monitor the status of the vehicle or equipment installed on it (the sensor switch, emergency button, etc.) The system works by monitoring the transport: The park the vehicle on-board controller (on the car can also be installed additional sensors: the sensor plug, the opening / closing doors, emergency button, etc.), which defines location, speed, direction of movement of the car with the help of global positioning satellite system GPS, as well as analyzes the state of the sensors. Onboard controller transmits the data at specified intervals via GSM (for GPRS-channel) to the control center that allows the operator to monitor objects in real time. Dispatch Center is a computer (PC, laptop) with installed software and connected to Internet over a dedicated channel. Manager sees the location of vehicles on an electronic map, and analyze information, if necessary, quickly react to the situation. The effect of the introduction of systems obvious: Reduce delivery time of products, increase the efficiency of the use of vehicles by reducing the unsustainable path, and downtime, reducing costs by delivering a 10-20% fuel savings; The increase in labor productivity increase discipline drivers; Prevention of misuse of vehicles, reducing the risk of losses from theft and transportation of goods.

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Software for Accounting Companies

In accordance with the provisions of Clause 13 (Standard) 11 accounting companies can create software to compensate for the subsequent (future) operating costs, including the payment of leave to employees. The amounts established reserve are spending (accounting). A provision is to ensure the inclusion of a uniform cost of vacation pay the production costs of the reporting period. The ability to create an organization of this reserve, as well as the method of its formation, determined by the accounting policy applied for accounting purposes. The amount of payments in reserve is determined by the sum of the cost of paying leave to employees and social insurance and welfare, including the amount of the unified social tax, insurance premiums for compulsory pension insurance and insurance premiums for compulsory insurance from industrial accidents and occupational diseases. In accordance with the rules of the legislation on accounting and taxation created by the organization of a reserve for future expenses to pay holidays are subject to mandatory inventory in order to identify the validity of the amounts assessed. Instruction number 69 provides an inventory reserve for vacation pay, including payments for State social insurance in these amounts at the end of the year. The balance of the allowance for holiday pay is determined by calculation, based on the number of days of unused vacation and average daily wage workers. Providing leave to accrue on a fixed percentage and include period costs to a certain amount regardless of the actual amount of accrued vacation time, and at the end of the year on the need to ensure that an inventory and excess or cancel the remaining amount assessed additional software. Inventory Reserve holidays – time-consuming process, and if a large number of operating personnel in the enterprise – requires considerable effort and labor. Smart automation of the process eliminates the errors of calculation, typical of the so-called human factor, and greatly speed up the process. In the system of ‘Business Staff’, designed to account for personnel and payroll, are designed monthly calculation mode in the provision of holidays and how to conduct annual inventory of vacation. Based on the information stored in the database, an inventory reserve holidays automatically. Methods of calculating the amount of vacation allowance, used in the ‘Business Staff ‘1. Formation of the directory of tax and the formula for calculating the amount of reserve holidays. Given that the provision applies to holiday spending (accounting), it is necessary to generate a directory of tax Company tax and the appropriate formula for its calculation. 1.1. The tab ‘Types of tax’ view form algorithm payroll (accounting department -> The algorithm for calculating the salary) to add a new type of tax. 1.2. To form Tax type edit in the ‘Category of’ set ‘Reserve holidays. ” 1.3. On the form for editing Type of tax in the ‘ID’ to form a formula calculating the amount of vacation allowance, using the system variables: the amount of the provision leaves the enterprise – returns the calculated amount of reserves leave the company on the basis of the calculated rates introduced in the provision of holiday units. The tax rate on income tax – returns the current tax rate for the calculation. Used to calculate payroll taxes. The sum of the register in the shop business accounting for all payments – the amount on the register for all accounting accruals for the month of shop staff

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Capital Reduced

Recruitment companies say that the jobs of traders and specialists on mortgage job at all come to nothing. But the experts in the field of financial monitoring of credit risk, cash management services and management affiliates had already noted the increased demand. In addition, the sharp drop in demand occurred in the top management of major companies and international banks. Developers have responded to the crisis of human repression even before the banks. In the summer of 2008 in the field of construction and development occurred as a specific problem. At the same time the company suspended the collection of this profile employees for all positions related to the development of business, leaving, according to recruiters, only to replace the position and current facilities.

Some recruiters state: the number of positions available Investment and construction sector declined by almost 60%. Reduction in the financial sector began in late September. Thus, the management company 'Maksvell Capital, has reduced staff by 50%, already has told former asset manager. The investment group 'Entente Pioglobal' cut by 70%, significantly reduced analytical and trading departments. Market participants are also talking about layoffs at 'Uralsib', 'BrokerCreditService', 'Veles Capital' corporations 'Open'. Employees of media projects on the market of mass media personnel also noted mild panic. Responded to the financial crisis Film 'Amedia', to reduce staff by five times, and the holding of RBC, which reduced 5% their employees. According to information from private sources, the large publishing houses with Western capital at times cut the budget for project funding, and by launching new and altogether have so far refrained.


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Success Today

Today we'll be pretty delicate subject. How much has been written and said about the more intuitive. How many arguments and discussions that were, are and will on this occasion. And every man by virtue of their knowledge about the world perceived by their intuition. But today, we will not consider questions of existence or absence of human intuition and will not go into the precise definition of the term.

The main purpose of today's article – help learn to use your inner instinct or intuition to achieve all your goals in life. So. How do you think, thinks and acts, most people living today? Exactly. Logically. That is, they emanate only from the cause effect relationships.

And it is absolutely correct. But there is one thing. You can only logical way to think and make decisions only for the obvious things, the existence of which you know by to date. That means you can make a decision by the mind only when you have all the necessary facts. Well, if you make a decision, for example, quit and start creating their own business or contrary to abandon a very profitable business, then there can not be guided solely by the laws of logic. Your mind can not well know, you get to create your successful business or not. Or your mind can never suggest that a profitable business from which you why it is not clear for all refused, after some time has brought many challenges to all parties involved.

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