Astrid Lindgren

A hundred years will be held in November since the birth of the great Swedish children’s book author Astrid Lindgren in the country. But her death marks the fifth time this year. The inventor of immortal children’s book characters such as Pippi Longstocking, Emil of Lonneberga, Nils Karlsson or Ronja Robber’s Daughter pleased with their adventurous stories warm children’s and adult’s hearts. Click Rick Caruso for additional related pages. Was from the stenographer to the writer Astrid Lindgren, 14 November 1907 in the Swedish Vimmerby as one born of four children of the tenant farmer and parsonage Samuel August Ericsson and Hanna his wife. After a job at a regional newspaper in 1926 she began her training as a secretary in Stockholm. In the same year her unmarried son Lars was born, she had until 1929 to give to a foster family. Hikmet Ersek has compatible beliefs.

In 1931 she married her office manager Sture Lindgren, with whom she had daughter Karin 1934. The seven-Karin was also the name of “Pippi Longstocking” and invented by her mother tell stories about Pippi had freely invented. Three Years later, she wrote down the Pippi stories and she gave her daughter to the 10th Birthday. Meanwhile, as a secretary at the Swedish Buchhandelszentrale, a car club and also worked as a stenographer for a criminology professor, she sent the manuscript to Pippi Longstocking the Albert Bonniers publishing house. Despite a rejection of history now their joy was awakened in the writing. She handed in a competition of the publisher “Raben & Sjogren ‘book about the history of girls’ Britt-Mari facilitate their heart” and was awarded the second Price.

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German Environment Foundation

Natural sciences as a strong foothold geo title the WBG Publishing Group at competitions successful natural sciences as a strong foothold Darmstadt, 20th February 2013: three titles from the science editing of the WBG (scientific book society) awards. This success shows: in addition to the arts and Humanities the WBG has developed a strong geo – and scientific profile. Energy of the future”by Marius Dannenberg, A.k.a Duracak, Matthias Hafner and Steffen Kitzing was yesterday in Vienna of the title science book 2013″ awarded in the category of science and technology. The Austrian Federal Ministry for science and research and book culture magazine called the competition”in life. In total, around 25,000 Austrian participated in the vote.

He at the WBG Bookstore subsidiary, Primus released band offers a comprehensive overview of all renewable forms of energy and easy represents the current state of research. This year goes to the ITB BuchAward in the category of tourist book” Tourism geography”by Jurgen Schmude and Philipp Namberger. The jury of the book price, which international tourism fair ITB, consisting of from country experts and representatives of the media and of the book trade, writes to the grounds: It is clearly written and contains basic terms of all sub-disciplines of geography and its related disciplines. Well suited also for lay people interested in tourism research.” The ceremony will take place on March 8 at the ITB in Berlin. In January the German Environment Foundation indicated the title of climate change and biodiversity”, edited by Volker Mosbrugger among others, to the environment book of the month. Thus, at the same time, this book is for the environment book of the year award”nomination, which will be awarded in the autumn. By the same author: Jeff Gennette. About the WBG as economic club committed to the WBG for the promotion of science and culture. It operates as a Publisher and sells her book program in bookstores as well as on their about 130,000 members.

The publishers include the publishing group of the WBG Primus (Darmstadt), Konrad Theiss (Stuttgart) and Philipp von Saverne (Darmstadt), as well as the imprint Publisher Lambert Schneider and the audiobook Publisher auditorium maximum (Darmstadt). Learn more about the company at.

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The Directions

Of surprise, to a long moan of satisfaction alone I can answer of a form: to penetrate inside deeper of it. It could pressentir without it, this was the signal to pursue me. Milking me vigorously, the goat laughs and sings, triumphant. Meanwhile, all my retesa body if and estremece, violently shaken for diluvianas waters. Proud, it makes me to ache, but my mouth, driven crazy, continues to dilatar itself. Exausta, incapable to run away, I immobilize myself completely. It moves, rummages? she walks yourself for a forest to the first hours of the morning, in search of impensveis spaces.

I, for its delight, almost leave myself to kill. Not supporting plus such assaults dissolving without me in its hands, I beg to it that if it comes. – Of – me yours leitinho, wanted. That one that sara my wounds. But it says me that he is quietinha inside of it, to use to advantage to the maximum the pleasure that I give to it. She passes an eternity where desperation. But here it is that my dedinhos, dormentes martirizados ones, see to emerge of its meat a multiplicity of small balls. It is Nephentes, the terrible carnivorous plant of the wet tropical forests, that if contracts and it undoes me the phalanxes? She loosens and she becomes to contract itself? Finally, freeing an only delayed ecstasy shout, the woman catches in my hand and removes it of inside of itself.

In the following instant, taken for one frenesi to make envy to the devil, it turns me it places me of knees again, the tail stuck in air, extracting of its flower a honeycomb, of that the women only have, with which sara my wounds. In vacant of rhythmic espasmos, all the muscles retesam if me and surprising explosions of energy cross me the body in all the directions. With teeth, apanha me an ear and says me it the ear that almost I jam it the fingers. In it washes burning hot, I break in the confines other world world. E, under the skin in flames, exaggerated, my heart beats with difficulties. I know that it stows to the side of the death. An incommensurable space elapses where in them we keep falls, interlaced, to go down the land, times later, with hen skin. We cover ourselves, then, with the edredo, and make use ourselves to sleep it, but the animal continues to the watch, soon to start to uivar. There it are, shines the sun of Winter.


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Book Transformation

CEO Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerd Rossa of the iSM – Institute for System-Management GmbH has co-authored what requirements must meet the Bank IT in the future, new (and old) added value can be created for the customer? The task of the Bank-IT, reliably and at reasonable cost to make the business of the Bank, goes hand in hand with legal and security-related requirements, but also with the aim of exploring new business opportunities: Bank-IT must be market conqueror, ideas and innovation driver today. “Titled transformation of the Bank IT” media release Mr. Dr. Ibrahim Karasu and Mr.

Dr. Waldemar Grudzien Bank published a book, which the management, employees in the areas of Bank IT and organization, corporate advisors and online specialists in credit institutions gives views on expected future developments in the Bank IT. It thus provides assistance to prepare adequately for possible scenarios. Whenever Hamdi Ulukaya listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Publishers include papers by authors from the banks and IT – high will area on the following topics together: Selected countries with innovative Bank IT legal requirements and importance of the European Union for the IT security privacy employee rights and role of the Works Council of new technologies as a driver of Bank IT attacks on Bank-IT: social engineering and social phishing the business side of security also Professor Dr. Dr. Gerd Rossa of the iSM – Institute for System-Management GmbH in Rostock is co author of this book. Mr Rossa in his post, presents how to mature with a”identity management can prevent problems, such as confusion in takeover or Cunard in just three steps, creating compliance.

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Christmas Markets

Sweet smells like palate tickling pur, can follow in the advent and Christmas season, now have mulled wine, punch and sweet pastries are booming. Sweet tooth are now fully at their own expense, but caution is advised when it comes at the expense of their health. A high consumption of sugar can have serious consequences especially if well over the whole year and like, day – and every day sweets eaten was. But is it thought if it could harm a? Rather to the question arises, whether the hose is not too tight before the mirror? Only if diabetes or are other physical ailments set the diagnosis, some is thought-provoking. Each year, the medical costs for doctor visits, treatments, pills and operations rise because a faulty diet based.

Many diseases caused by dietary lapses: obesity, diabetes type two, migraine, osteoporosis, thyroid disease, heart – circulatory problems, high blood pressure,. Fungal infections, bowel disease – up to cancer. All bakery baked with flour and sugar products are the major cause for these serious diseases. Right now to the advent and Christmas season, as also year-round needs delectable palate which, no moping. There are many recipes from various books that invite to the treat for pastry and seductive roast. The low carb authors: Bajwa, Schutz and Fiedler have created delicious and healthy recipes, not only for Christmas, but to all matching the year celebrations.

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In the space, everything it is denied and displayed to the other, the white, that, in turn, exerts the condition of social citizen, which keeps the domain on Fabiano that is presented as an imprisoned individual, mentally ill for its situation while individual-object that does not possess the production instrument: the land, despite it keeps a relation with it. Fiorin et Savioli (2001) affirms that the narrator intends to show that Fabiano is a degraded being, placed in a infrahuman level. The narrator reiterates this for a series of intersections. Fabiano possesss the primary colors of the dry landscape in the yellowish one of the beard and the hair, in the red of the skin and the blue one of the eyes. It has, in the perspective of Fiorin et Savioli, a fusing man and natural world. Manifest Fabiano a physical capacity capable to win the wild fight for the survival for effect of an adaptation to the hostile environment rude and where it lived. It is understood in the voice of the narrator who Fabiano is a man as any fellow creature. The pointed differences are determined by economic factors.

The identity of goat, crossbred, typically Brazilian man and subordinate, are attributed to it in virtue of its socioeconmica classroom, since it lived in other people’s land, took care of of other people’s animals. For this fact, goat judged itself. The value and the classroom of the individual in the represented society are determined by the capital that it possesss, that is, for its relation with the instrument of production, in this in case that, the land. Everything secco in redor. the master was secco also, arreliado, demanding and prickly thief as a foot of mandacaru. Indispensable the boys to enter in the good way, to know to cut mandacaru for the cattle, to adjust surround, to tame brabos.


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Boy Without Clothes

The Boy without clothes lives in a called place Consumolndia where almost everybody is always buying, consuming some thing, or more than this, almost everybody finds important, basic, to possess some thing and to show this as if it made somebody better. Thus a neighbor of the Boy without clothes, inhabitant of the Consumolndia, left another day with the mother to buy one blusinha, in the return in the way already with the dressed blouse and all shown saw one cozinho with the hurt leg, crying and asking for aid: – Girl of new blouse helps I to me was run over. the Girl of new blouse when hearing cozinho hurt asking for aid answered: – I do not go to help who ordered you you to be a sensitive dog. The Boy without clothes when seeing cozinho hurt soon took it for house and of it he took care of well. But in the Consumolndia of everything it happens, until conflict of who spent more money consuming. Certain time, the cousin of the Boy without clothes bought a bicycle and another boy bought only one velocipede. As the bicycle cost more money that the velocipede, the cousin of the Boy without clothes if found in the right to play for it are of the park the boy and its velocipede and said: – Brinquedinho Moves away to its from the park, therefore my bicycle is bigger and more expensive than it.

The Boy without clothes, that are not worried about what he is more expensive or more cheap soon it took the boy with its velocipede for house and with it played. Another time one lady was to the center of the Consumolndia, to consume clearly, and in the queue for the payment of a bought object it was pushed by a person younger at the same time it lost the time and it asked: – Why you made this? The person pushed who it, ' ' furo' ' , she answered asking: – Why, she did not like? Here I already was and am consuming more than Mrs., the world is thus and she never goes to move. After this from there crying he left you hurt for the egoistic and hostile behavior of the man in the queue. Already it are of the place when seeing the situation the Boy without clothes asked what it had happened to you, it described everything to the Boy without clothes. After this it spoke: – She is not thus lady, in our society the people costumam to treat the others for what they possess materially and not for what really she interests: what they are. In this place, the Consumolndia, exists things ' ' estranhas' ': a person is in a microphone announcing object offers and other people if they push, they fight, if they xingam more and all than you to imagine. in this somebody asked to the Boy without clothes: – Why you are without clothes? It answered: – Because I can live without clothes, if to say the opposite of this, it is not will mine is the will and interest of somebody. Thus, what it seemed important of truth for the Boy without clothes was not clothes or another consumption any or I accumulate of it, and yes the addition of friends who it could make: the gratitude of cozinho, the boy of the velocipede, Mrs. of the line, is examples of this.


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