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Teodulo Lopez Melendez

Manage understanding: Venezuela, project country Teodulo Lopez Melendez elections for creating electors rather than citizens. Representation to create representatives rather than instruments of consultation. Power maneuvers to prevent common decision on the big issues. Old democracy anda gasping and the totalitarian hint crumbles. We talk about a reality, not about the immortality of the crab.

Political theory must therefore face the 21st century. Perhaps vacuum comes from the application to the political science of the principle that what was not empirically demonstrated would be outside meaning. A plurality of viewing angles than the urgency of finding a certainty it is necessary to buried. No longer required a corpus homogeneous, what is required is a fluid and permanent exchange of diverse understandings. Some speak of offer not a systematic but symptomatic look.

It is what others call the theorisation of politics and the politicization of the theory. Those who are dedicated to cultivating the gone they lose the ability to think. Without renewed democratic thought trend will be strong confrontation and totalitarianism. The present problems are such that the understanding of those who should take decisions is limited by a surprising administration of normality or recurrence to solutions fogged by already outdated procedures. Placement of patches on the big problems is recurrent and gestures, most of the time simple bombast, replace the big decisions of Fund that should be taken. The only welfare social policies, age when we do sprout intelligence that makes go to search for communities as protagonists. Remember it is patently obvious, but perhaps as few times before there is such a repetition of behaviors, a commitment to resolve with old methods and persistence in clinging to withered, that cannot be forced to repeat it: Venezuela as we knew it is dead. Before our eyes emerges a new that requires imagination and so you have a normal birth and intelligence so that the fetus does not present deformations.


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How to Be Admired

No sir, I think that this design reduces women to a mere ornamental role and reducing her to be objectified a beautiful object and nothing else. So today I declare myself an admirer of all women and not just for its beauty. I admire those who work from dawn to dusk without fear or reservations life time. Those who sow the seeds of hope and harvest the fruit of life. A furrow openers for peace in the hemisphere of poverty or in the territory of abundance. Those who do not surrender to the evidence of misery or succumb to the power of adversity.

Those who love their children even if the crucified humanity, to those who put their hands in the fire to save the honor of their own, to those who believe in the innocence of that over which accusing fingers fall all the injustice and impiety . I admire women who have conceived in her womb the eternal value of life to prolong the species populate the world of imagination and the universe of truths. For those with weak or strong hands, big or small, lush and wrinkled as a potter shaping society to new generations of men and women to indulge their thirst for life and ambition to conquer the best of its existence . I admire that in their daily actions of workers without recess passing through our streets offering the coveted seafood, or freshly baked bread scented warm cool evening or tomorrow, or the sweet taste of enyucados and the “joys . The work is admired for his wealth and becomes a symbol of a country in constant search for identity. I admire those in the peace of home is hard to beat the endless housework without resigning to plow in the desert of ingratitude and without giving up the search for a sunrise tinged with the colors of equity, without denying its task of industrious and dutiful young matron of duty.

I admire the young people here and there that have been impervious to the suggestions of impropriety and the demonic lure of evil temptations. I admire women who give us fresh courage by his presence, to which we carry in their hearts, to which they were born when we sow our lives in other bodies, to which we listen carefully, to which we gave to drink maternal breasts at the dawn of our existence, to comfort us when our pain accompanies a tear. Rhodes them real women, with body and soul, without makeup or retouching jet set news advertisers, I declared admirer.


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State Department

In this context, as it taught to Milton Saints: The cities are great because it has speculation and vice versa; it has speculation because it has emptinesses and vice versa; because it has emptinesses, the cities are great. The urban road model is factor of dispersed growth and the espraiamento of the cities. Having speculation, it has mercantile creation of the scarcity and the problem of the access to the land and the habitation if it accents. But the deficit of residences also leads to the speculation and the two together ones lead to the periferizao of population poor e, of new, to the increase of the urban size. The lacks in services feed the speculation, for the distinguishing valuation of the diverse fractions of the urban territory. (Saints, 1994, p.96). 2 PROBLEM OF the RESEARCH the urban road system of the maranhense capital is one of the few that not yet despertou for the consequences of the current growth of the fleet of vehicles.

In accordance with the State Department of Transit of the Maranho (DETRAN It to ME) are 218,386 vehicles registered until August of 2008, only in So Lus, considerably great number for the reality of the ways that bind its quarters. The Avenue Hieronymite of Albuquerque, that binds to the region east of So Lus to the center of the city, possesss ten kilometers and way approximately, enclosing eight quarters of the city: Pitchfork, Cohab, Angelim, Bequimo, Cohama, Vinhais, Cohafuma and Calhau. The strangulation of its flow if of the one since the beginning of the viaduct of the Cohab until the o viaduct of the Cohama, where the traffic is constantly slow. 2.1 Problematic social organizacional/the main observed problems are: insatisfao of the users of the way with the extensive bottling; with chemical and sonorous pollution; with the delays that cause losses of chances e; finally, with not the attendance of the innumerable done claims to the authorities of transit with circumscription on the way, that nothing make to skirt the situation.

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We have the railroad yes as a point crucialpara the decline of the tropeira activity, to put, does not stop its end immediately, therefore the railroad with all its dynamism not yet reached all afrentes of development and its abrangncia if it gave only in algunsentroncamentos, the mules had continued to be used in noscafezais and canaviais internal works, the preparation of the land and other services detransporte, until the entroncamentos and the stations of embarkment, leading otropeirismoa to adentrar century XX, therefore in 1935 still they existed about 30 a50 tropeiros that they brought for So Paulo around 30.000.00 heads demuares. We cannot economically deny that the railroad produced a time maisveloz for some places, privilegiamo those that had helped emsua installation, that is, great farmers and cafeicultores in the regions demaior production, and to small producers alone still remained muares as meiosde access to the main railroad trunks, the railroad coexisted until the primeirasdcadas ones of century XX a slower time lead by the speed of muar, putting, a determinative element, was the appearance of them schemes tractive edos prepared automachine vehicles for the load transport and plough, comocaminhes and tractors had provided to speed and circulation to the products, to apartir from there muar age more necessary not to carry the merchandise dafazenda the station, nor to ploughing the field, pulling the tram in the cities, maquinadefinitivamente it substitutes muar, in 1950 the tropeiros leave of conduzirtropas of muares of the south and with the age Juscelino Kubitscheck, it invigorates Brazil doautomvel, placing an end in the troperismo. Still under this perspective we can conclude that we economically had important trsciclos for the Portuguese metropolis and posteriormentepara the empire, had been they: of the sugar cane-of-sugar, of the gold and the coffee, to put we nopodemos to despresar the tropeirismo therefore this was of equal magnetude, importanteno only for external interests but vital for the internal development, we can place its external importance in the maintenance of these cycles, toimportantes for the metropolises and for the sprouting and reinforcement domercantilismo and European capitalism, the tropeirismo in turn, it was so maisimportante internally and it made possible the occupation of all the southern portion (south), expanding and fixing borders, it also made possible the sprouting so important decidades that in its cities had surpassed some deprovncias capitals economically this that until the present is basic in the federal contextoestadual and. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES STRAFORINI.


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In the space, everything it is denied and displayed to the other, the white, that, in turn, exerts the condition of social citizen, which keeps the domain on Fabiano that is presented as an imprisoned individual, mentally ill for its situation while individual-object that does not possess the production instrument: the land, despite it keeps a relation with it. Fiorin et Savioli (2001) affirms that the narrator intends to show that Fabiano is a degraded being, placed in a infrahuman level. The narrator reiterates this for a series of intersections. Fabiano possesss the primary colors of the dry landscape in the yellowish one of the beard and the hair, in the red of the skin and the blue one of the eyes. It has, in the perspective of Fiorin et Savioli, a fusing man and natural world. Manifest Fabiano a physical capacity capable to win the wild fight for the survival for effect of an adaptation to the hostile environment rude and where it lived. It is understood in the voice of the narrator who Fabiano is a man as any fellow creature. The pointed differences are determined by economic factors.

The identity of goat, crossbred, typically Brazilian man and subordinate, are attributed to it in virtue of its socioeconmica classroom, since it lived in other people’s land, took care of of other people’s animals. For this fact, goat judged itself. The value and the classroom of the individual in the represented society are determined by the capital that it possesss, that is, for its relation with the instrument of production, in this in case that, the land. Everything secco in redor. the master was secco also, arreliado, demanding and prickly thief as a foot of mandacaru. Indispensable the boys to enter in the good way, to know to cut mandacaru for the cattle, to adjust surround, to tame brabos.


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The Right

They come trying to change the reality, and for this she is necessary to understand the world, to analyze to modify, is necessary to know the MST, mainly in the form to know, to search and to fight so that these transformations appeared in the Brazilian territory, ' ' Since 1985, they use as strategy the land occupations without use, you publish or private as form to make to fulfill art. 184 of the Magna&#039 Letter; ' (GUIOMAR, 1993, p.19) According to Bernardo ' ' The development of the capitalism of different form, hindering the access the land that searched a way of subsistence, mainly for an agrarian capitalism that it hinders, segregates and is in some and not few violent moments. With the expansion of the capitalism in the field and, consequentemente, with the subjection of the income of the land to the capital, the fight for the land is, more nothing, a fight against the essence of the capital: the expropriation and the exploration. (MANANO, 1997, p.11) and this different form in the field has generated many conflicts, appears in the form of fight nestings one form to pressure and to make with that the government implements of form sucinta the agrarian reform, but one reform that really arrives at the families of the ones without land, and not with the petty politics, where the great ones benefited are detainers of privileges and capital we would be there in sending for Brazil the Republic or Colonial, with the right-hander of ownership or even though with ' ' Law of Terra' ' , at last the nestings modify the spaces in the measure that in these socioespaciais transformations occur, where new relations are lived deeply, producing new possibilities and developing its potentialities in what the land is mentioned. Then we can say that the without-land is desterritorializados individuals that find its identity in the MST, and tries to create a new world with inclusion possibilities, being given possibility to return the land where if they had reproduced as social agents and directing always for the way of subsistence through proper land.


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Brazilian Culture

On the basis of the studies of Herskovits the aculturao concept can be defined as: ' ' In summary, therefore, the diffusion, in these terms, is the study of the consummated cultural transmission; whereas Aculturao is the study of in progress cultural transmission ' '. In the citation of Herskovits the aculturao process is related to the phase subsequent to the contact, where the social group is assimilating the cultural aspects of the other, being valid to remember that the Process of Aculturao differs from the Process of Endoculturao, where the first one is dealt the individual, while as the collective is mentioned to it. In this manner we can give as example the process of aboriginal aculturao in Brazil, therefore in relation to other cultural elements that had also been part of the Brazilian cultural formation, the example of the Portuguese and Africans, that of certain form had been assimilated by the Brazilian culture, the aboriginal culture did not have the same so were assimilated, for it oppose the contact with the whites cause various problems, that they can until taking the extinguishing of the aboriginal culture. However this process of aculturao is very relative, therefore exactly having the contact between distinct cultural groups, much of these groups finishes creating characteristic proper, stimulated for the geographic space, the activities exerted daily and mainly for the social relations that are created in these places, the example of this can cite the study carried through for BORGES on the messengers of the Pantanal, that exactly being a social group that if it locates in way to the Pantanal, and that belongs to a region of bigger development, that is the city of Cuiab, capital of the State of the Mato Grosso, finishes for creating its proper cultural traces, social relations rules from the limitations imposed for the territorial environment inhabited by those natives, who good part of the year has that to coexist in flooded areas.


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