Collective Consumption

Through the allocation space differentiated of the equipment of collective consumption, the State also intervenes with the residential segregation … (CORRA, 2005, pg. 26). Then the State through the allocation differentiated space in the city and of services of collective consumption generates an increase of prices of lots and property for one determined parcel of the society, causing with this certain homogeneity in its partner-space content. In Araguana it is noticed some areas, where resident inhabitants have greater purchasing power, this fact can be observed in the sectors: Noroestes, Tecnorte, Anhangera and Urbanstico, where these areas have high values, according to its localization, regarding the values referring the localizations, Villaa (2001) comment: …

The land? localization alone is monopoly? or better, the monopoly alone weighs significantly in the price? in rare, as the front for the sea and Ipanema, or the sight for the Bread of sugar, all land has, is truth, some degree of monopoly, but in the majority of the cases this degree is small the determination of the being price. The land? localization, as any product, basically has its definitive price for the conditions of its production (for its cost of production, as Lefebvre said) for its value. (VILLAA, 2001, pg. 75). But the State, when privileging definitive areas in the urban one of Araguana, creates uneven localizations fruit of differentiated infrastructure allocation, to take care of definitive capitalist interests, this fact generates a differentiated valuation, causes in turn a process of residential segregation, fruit of this urban clutter.

Exactly the planned city being of the beginning to the end, the State segregates in the same way, regarding this fact Corra (2005), says on the origin and evolution of the city of Mrida in the peninsula of the Yucatan, in Mexico in century XV. Here, Tulip Retail expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The city was planned around a central square. The four blocks delimited that it had been reserved for the cathedral, the buildings of the governments provincial and municipal and the residence of heads of the conquerors.


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Beautiful Brown Square

The survey showed that most incidents occurred in September, due you the vaquejada (party occurring every to year in the City). Thus there is large concentration in the local City of people both and regional attracted by the party. In the square, it is notices important you, also held parallel events you the party, largely frequented by those who could not possibly afford you pay high prices you to enter the parks of rodeos. Thus, according you the poll, the most frequent occurrence policemen in the square in 2009 were theft (21%), followed by physical aggression (16%). Already in 2010, in an interview with residents and merchants who work in space, link the vandalism and attempted to murder the most frequent types of violence (50% of you marry). However, it appears sound violence, pornography and theft or robbery. Keywords: Geography, Urban violence, Beautiful Brown Square. INTRODUCTION the subject violence is not a recent phenomenon in the history of the global society.

In all the peoples, cultures and State-Nations, the violence happens of diverse forms, either it, urban, familiar, communitarian, and in diverse places: in the school, the houses, the street, the square, amongst others. Although this, the society has the impression of that in the current days, the violence if became more latent, clamorousser and more preoccupying. In fact, the subject violence is more complex why they involve questions of order personal (subjective), social, moral and ethical, educational, familiar, amongst others. In Brazil, the violence not only gains prominence for the police pages, explored of form maken a mistake and sensationalist for the media, and yes, for the form that it has reflected in the society and even though in the formation of the citizens. Valley to stand out that the subject is not only a responsibility of the public power: executive, legislative and judiciary, and yes, social parties, movements, churches and excessively social agents.


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The Right

They come trying to change the reality, and for this she is necessary to understand the world, to analyze to modify, is necessary to know the MST, mainly in the form to know, to search and to fight so that these transformations appeared in the Brazilian territory, ' ' Since 1985, they use as strategy the land occupations without use, you publish or private as form to make to fulfill art. 184 of the Magna&#039 Letter; ' (GUIOMAR, 1993, p.19) According to Bernardo ' ' The development of the capitalism of different form, hindering the access the land that searched a way of subsistence, mainly for an agrarian capitalism that it hinders, segregates and is in some and not few violent moments. With the expansion of the capitalism in the field and, consequentemente, with the subjection of the income of the land to the capital, the fight for the land is, more nothing, a fight against the essence of the capital: the expropriation and the exploration. (MANANO, 1997, p.11) and this different form in the field has generated many conflicts, appears in the form of fight nestings one form to pressure and to make with that the government implements of form sucinta the agrarian reform, but one reform that really arrives at the families of the ones without land, and not with the petty politics, where the great ones benefited are detainers of privileges and capital we would be there in sending for Brazil the Republic or Colonial, with the right-hander of ownership or even though with ' ' Law of Terra' ' , at last the nestings modify the spaces in the measure that in these socioespaciais transformations occur, where new relations are lived deeply, producing new possibilities and developing its potentialities in what the land is mentioned. Then we can say that the without-land is desterritorializados individuals that find its identity in the MST, and tries to create a new world with inclusion possibilities, being given possibility to return the land where if they had reproduced as social agents and directing always for the way of subsistence through proper land.


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