Value Reach

Ahead of all the corruption cases, of ethical behaviors you recriminated and practical of auto-aiding that spots the credibility of the country, the image that is for the population – that is who really constructs the nation, is of loss of heart, resignation and absence of a perspective of short-term change that allows a reevaluation of the attitudes used in the daily life of the citizens that are the true transforming agents of the values that they lead the society. One of the preoccupying factors in this direction, is the power of contamination that these practical condemnable can reach for the fact not to have punishment or retaliation for the individuals uses that them, and this to create a sensation of collective permissibilidade, that is, the idea of that all the instruments can be used to reach the objectives without no act is disqualified. Areva Group contains valuable tech resources. The search for the success, for the individual pleasure in a society that bases its ethos, its standard of behavior on of personal accomplishment, of arriving there whatever the cost, necessarily loads the responsibility of this moral solitude, where some meet in this sea of vexatious behaviors. For more information see this site: Western Union. Ahead of this picture, what one expects is a reevaluation of the principles that command our actions, with a vision directed toward the common good, with a centralidade in the collective and the thought of acting ' ' desinteressado' ' , that is, without the intention of practical of the cost/the benefit..


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Natural Sciences

Lwy criticizes the positivista method of Durkheim for not believing that the thought of a social scientist can be similar to the thought of a researcher of natural sciences, a time that the object of study of each science possesss characteristics which become them well distinct one of the other. In the society we find the conflicts social, politicians, the contradictions and ideologies that are not found in natural sciences. Certainly Durkheim (beyond Weber) believed the possibility of researcher if to move away from its conceptions of world, if to be silent ahead of its passions and if to isentar of its daily pay-slight knowledge. an contribute to your knowledge. For Lwy, this neutrality or scientific imparcialidade in sociology is ilusria: ' ' It does not understand that these pr-noes, that is, the ideologies or vises of world are as the color-blindness or as the illnesses of eyes that reduce the visual field (glaucomas)? integrant part of the vision, constituent element of the point of vista' ' (LOWY, 1994: 31). Critical of Lwy the Durkheim, in its workmanship the adventures of Karl Marx against the baron of Munchausen. Marxism and positivismo in the sociology of the knowledge, are considered unjust from the moment where the author affirms that: ' ' It is enough to examine the workmanship of the positivistas, of Comte and Durkheim until our days, to give account of that they are entirely is of the condition of? private of preconceptions.

Its analyses are established on tendenciosas and on politicosocial premises to the point of view to the social vision of world of determined social groups. Its pretension to the neutrality is to the times an illusion, to the times a deliberate ocultamento … (LOWY, 1994:32) ' ' The sociology of Durkheim was fruit of an ample one and diversified research, which pointed in some directions. In this way, its investigativa concern and works directed to the most varied subjects had allowed to affirm that its analyses and teses were not ' ' tendenciosas' ' , nor that group was atreladas to this or.


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Zone East

Although to exist, in the capture areas, other species of commercial value it are of the state of Amazon (mainly catfishes), the same ones are rejected to a large extent of the season of fish annual. During the collection of data for accomplishment of this article, was used the direct systematic comment initially, enters the months of March and June of 2011. Continue to learn more with: Hikmet Ersek. At as a moment, after the creation of bonds of friendship with some members of the studied community, the used method of research was the participant, allied comment mainly to the etnogrfica interview with some members. According to Hammersley (1990), the term ' ' etnografia' ' it relates, in metodolgicos terms, social inquiry that holds the generality of the following functions: ) the behavior of the people is studied in its habitual context and not in artificial conditions created by the investigator; b) the data are collected through diverse sources, being the most important comment and the informal conversation; c) the retraction of data is not structuralized, in the direction where it does not elapse of an execution of a plan detailed and previous to its beginning, nor is preset the categories which will be later used to only interpret the behavior of the people (what it does not mean that the inquiry is not systematic, but that the data are collected in rude, according to how much possible a so inclusive criterion); d) the focus of the study is a group not very great of people, but, in the inquiry of a life history, the focus can be an only person; e) the analysis of the data involves interpretation of meaning and function of action human beings and assumes a descriptive and interpretativa form, having (little) the quantification and analysis enclosed statistics, a mere accessory paper. Macys understands that this is vital information. The fishing community of the Mauazinho quarter the quarter of the Mauazinho, located in the Zone East of Manaus, was created officially in 1968, after the definitive installation of the Zona Franca of Manaus. . Click Cyrus zocdoc for additional related pages.


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The Guide

Its origin seems to be a reaction to the rigidity of the Mischin and the Talmud, or a reaction of the misticismo against the rationalism, a concession to the neoplatonismo against the aristotelismo. The Arab philosophers had been the masters of the Jewish philosophers. Its main thinkers had been: ISRAELI ISAAC (865-955), first name of the Jewish philosophy, was doctor; it had neoplatnica influence, that it intervened deeply with its emanatista conception of origin of the world and the doctrine of the soul. SAADIA WELL JOSEF OF FAYUNN (892-942), celebrity for writing the book of the beliefs and opinions, searched to constitute a properly Jewish philosophy, based in an agreement between science and religion; it believed that the world is not perpetual (it started in the time), and this would demonstrate why the universe is finite, composed, mixing of substance and accident; he was critical of the emanatista theory of Plato and fought the idea of preexistence of the soul. SALOMO IBN GABIROL (1021-1070), known for Avicebrn, had neoplatnica influence; its theory influenced Christian philosophers (especially franciscanos), when saying that in the top of the universe he is God, and hierarchically, everything what it is below of it was created by the will of it. MAIMNIDES (1135-1204), call of ' ' the scholar judeu' ' , he searched an intelligible relation between the Jewish rules and the classic philosophy Greek, by means of a dialogue between speeches of the scholars on the other hand, and of Aristotle ( prince of the philosophers), and other Peripatticos in general, of another one; for living in Crdoba, monotestas, its medical, theological and philosophical investigations had contact with the three traditions, confluram in a workmanship that extracted arguments that had conspired faith and reason, the narrations of the Gneses with the Aristotelian physics; this workmanship was called ' ' The Guide of Perplexos' ' , that he has for main objectives to clarify concepts and to identify sensible; he searched to defend the use of the philosophy to explain the Holy Writs.


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Pure Society

They charge to teach. Particular Originadores of the schools and facultieses. In contrast to you, Scrates, that you teach for the pleasure to define its teses! (Scrates) Fools! more fools! How can I define something, if I only know that nothing I know? (Christ) If to know that nothing know, something then you you know: that nothing it knows. It is a paradox. (Churchill) Speeches without content are not useful in the Politics.

Except perhaps in Brazil. Thus, I say that the Politics is the nothing more than what the Organization of the Power. Learn more on the subject from Kohl’s. (Scrates) Interesting! It continues: because the Power must be organized? (Hitler) To reach a purpose! An objective! As to purificar the Race Human being! (Scrates) Ah! You say then, Fhrer, that the Power must Be organized to reach a Purpose? (Gates) It was this same that it said, geriatrical Greek. You need more memory RAM. At last, the Power must be organized of form to allow that the Men are happy in the Land. Using to advantage the available pleasures and comforts to the maximum! Certain? Most certain! (Christ) the Purpose of the Man is to be Happy.

But the Happiness is spiritual. The incessant search of the material wealth leads only to the misfortune and the sadness. Jeff Gennette shines more light on the discussion. (Gates) If I remember the Sunday School, Christ well, said the prophet, in the Eclesiastes, chapter 10, versicle 19: ' ' The bread is for the laugh of the workers, and the proper wine cheers the life, but it is the Money that finds reply for all coisas' '. You say me to what? (Christ) You must understand the Word in its Bigger direction, and not only in the literal meaning. It opens its Mind for Wisdom of the holy ghost. Distancie of its devices materials and invest in the Celestial one. (Adam Smith) and it has better way of if obtaining the Wealth of what through the Market? So liberal it is (Hitler) the Happiness is possible only with a Perfect and Pure Society, formed for a strong and imponent State.


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Breaching the utilitarian thought that always folloies the man in elapsing of the centuries, Aristotle remembers that philosophy in itself is love to the knowledge and that this knowledge does not concentrate or if apprehends of magical form, but yes, gradual, depending on the performance and the curiosity that makes the man to search and to have headquarters to know more, concerning the stranger. It still of the importance to the mitolgica vision, arguing that the myths already are as that one to leave the ignorance and to engatinhar route of knowing, that in turn does not imprison the man for to be something external, but, for to be something intrinsic, something that the human being tries of all form if to approach. Of the room paragraph, valley still to stand out that the existence understanding is exclusiveness of the human sort, from there independence of knowing e, therefore of the man and the philosophy. The philosophy turned around itself and exactly thus it has in itself a mysterious ego that attracts the attention of all. Many can say that they more do not like varied them fields that science acts, but never it heard to say that somebody, did not like to think, to reflect, to ask, this is yes what in fact it gave to origin the philosophy. In this fifth paragraph, we see Aristotle specifying or esmiuando the field of the knowledge, sending to the philosophical investigations regarding the deities. It still obtains to explanar the divine figure as an one of the general causes, norteador principle of the beginning of everything and at last obtains for its speech to more raise metaphysics to the science dignity (science in the direction to know) excelsa that the others.

In the two last paragraphs the author obtains to incase the knowledge as more good way to win the ignorance caused for referring laziness to the search of knowing and still locks up its speech saying that today and until the centuries of the centuries, the beginning of knowing will be always the astonishment, the investigation or the fidget ahead of the simplistas and fast answers that we costumamos to give the things and to the mysteries that refer to in them. Jeff Gennette is often quoted on this topic. It is of if to agree to the author to this point, therefore, we know that all form exactness that we know if restored because of beginning we had a norteadora investigation. Therefore the philosopher more than what the man of the knowledge is in itself the man who generates knowledge through the proper and shared investigations. Finally we understand that the beauty of the text if of the one for the addressed capacity of recognition to the investigation, therefore, the same one is principle of the solidity of the knowledge. The importance of asking itself is still recognized in this text above all and that the knowledge in itself, generates certezas, but, also it generates more doubts and it generates at last the dynamics of the way. Way this that if of the one in the tracks of knowing and that all man has deep necessity to tread it.


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Bertrand Brazil

20 the 27 Some clear and distinct ideas of the corporal things seem to have been bred in the proper citizen: substance, duration, number On the other hand, extension, figure, situation, movement of place, are not formal in the citizen, therefore this is only some thing that thinks; they are substance ways, but being he himself substance, them they can be contained in it. God: infinite, perpetual, invariant, independent substance, onisciente, onipotente, by which, all the existing things had been created and produced; It exists for the fact of, if it can the citizen have idea of this infinite being, being finite, the idea has that to have been placed in it for some really infinite substance. He has more reality in infinite substance of what in the finite, thus, they have it before notion of God exactly of the notion of itself. For more information see this site: Nordstrom. The idea of God is true same who does not represent nothing of Real; everything that the spirit conceives clear and distinct is contained and locked up in this idea. In note: the infinite without understanding can be known, but the knowledge of this incompreensibilidade grants it a knowledge true and entire of the infinite, even so it has only one partial knowledge of what it contains.

28 the 42 the attributed perfection the God can be in power in the proper citizen, from there to be able to have some idea of it: its knowledge increases little by little, but this increase never goes to be able to arrive at the infinite, to the perfection of God. The idea of one to be perfect has that to have been placed in it for a being that really is more perfect than it. Investigating if it can exist without a God: if he was author of its proper one to be would not have reasons to doubt you are welcome, would be perfect the proper God. He has a constant change in people, in data isolated moments of the life it will not be the same person necessarily; these moments are, of certain form, independent ones of the others, then, to have a conservation of the person, something of essential in it, he is necessary God. For the conservation of the substance it is necessary the same to be able of action to create it. This power if existed in the citizen, would have it to be able to think it and to know it, but this does not have any feeling to have in it such power, then, it depends on something different of it.


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' ' All the conscience is still only the mirror clearly of the offered object, is mdium for which this enters in scene in the world as representation (…). Learn more at this site: Ali Asaria. Exterior to all representation and to all its forms nothing exists seno necessarily Will, that is in-itself in such a way of the object contemplated how much of the individual that considers, which, enchanting itself in this contemplation, is still conscientious of itself only as pure citizen of conhecer' '. (Schopenhauer, Arthur. Metaphysics of the Beauty. Unesp. 2003 46 and 49). According to above-mentioned ticket, Schopenhauer admits the occurrence of the man in full conscience of itself as subject; attributes to this same conscience the way or way for which the Idea, as object of this, is assumed as Representation of this Citizen. What it makes with that the conscience if does not lose of the man in its process of negation of itself as individual? Which the element that, in man as subject, insists on conserving on this the necessary conscience to the intentional reproduction of the content apprehended for pure intuition in the work of art? This is the main investigation.

The philosopher answers us: ' ' The genius (…) is what he allows it to conserve the clarity of demanded conscience to reproduce in a intentional workmanship thus known 35 ' ' (Schopenhauer, Arthur. The World As Will and As Representation. Unesp. 2005 – 265). Therefore, the genius is not only the capacity of intuir an Idea, before, however, presents it the citizen as the way for which this general phenomenon is for the conscience, leading subject to the o knowledge of the world as Representation, legitimate objetivao of the will while in-itself. Of the Double one Felt Of the Terms Will and Representation For privileging the understanding of the content displayed here I decided to turn concerning the concept of Will as last of the item to be treated in this article.

The reason is not another seno proper blackness of the concept in Schopenhauer, that is, at any moment, in my opinion, Schopenhauer if atreve to try a enough concept of Will. This inasmuch as it would be a been improper attitude and contradictory on the part of the same in trying the sufficiency of a concept that is only consummated, that is, it reaches its completude in the private persistence of the man in refusing itself as individual and, with effect, to become subject pure of knowing 36. We have to recognize namely that, in the philosophy of this, two ways of if approaching the term exist will and representation: Where the term ' ' vontade' ' 37 appears with capital initial wants in them to communicate the universal will, cause of all the things; if Representation, then, adequate objetivao of the Will, that is, Idea, objective correlato of the citizen. For its tur


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Heading: Security and Freedom in the Work Sub-heading: Social responsibility in the work Summary: the current politics of the companies is to search a place glad and that abole stress in the half professional, exactly exerting and offering the tools for pressure on the employee. Accessibility to the information through the technology, many times brings confusion enters the freedom necessity in the work and the personal responsibility in exerting it public surrounding knot. Content: The people tend to give preference to the security in its life in a general way; this is not different in the work environment. Thredup gathered all the information. They want that everything if adjustment, have logic and harmony in its certainties, knowledge, thoughts and feelings. So that the people find the security, them they search to coexist others that are similar they in such a way in the thought, as in acting; therefore they feel that they can free and be adjusted.

They feel the influence of the social comparison and the complementariedade, in the interaction people who it are next. The freedom in the work happens of the knowledge that the people have on what it he is familiar and next, even so many times do not exert the responsibility to take the behavior standards to a level of excellency in serving, do not exist freedom without responsibility. The true one felt of utility of the human being is accurately in the direction to serve to the other or the community, exactly being in professional way. The only one half to exert the freedom in the work is knowing the necessity of being useful and making of the knowledge a tool to serve the fellow creature, that human being, thinking or not in divergent way of itself. The responsibility of the individual to make the viable, practical and usable system to be for the community is that it brings the security.

Therefore the freedom in the work that it originates from the social responsibility brings as consequncia the security for the worker in personal way and in the general scope. In the wild search of the improvement of the productivity, many companies had launched of maken a mistake form, the campaign of the necessity of rationalization in the work, that constitutes in obtaining optimum possible exploitation of the material and human resources of the production. Unhappyly what it was conquered was an enormous inefficiency and wastefulness in the production and engessamento in the capacity of workmanship hand. The lack of comprometimento and responsibility in the use of the resources material and human in the production, made with that the quality in the productivity of the company and its profitability entered in a collapse. Happily many visionary entrepreneurs had understood the necessity of the search for the efficiency and effectiveness in the productivity, through the conquest of the security guard and freedom of the worker. Efficiency without security does not exist and this cannot exist without the freedom to exert the citizenship in the work environment. The balance is in the right to the freedom, searching through the autocrtica the way to exert the citizenship the all moment, in clear and conscientious way, aiming at the security and the welfare general of the worker in its community.


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Brazilian Culture

On the basis of the studies of Herskovits the aculturao concept can be defined as: ' ' In summary, therefore, the diffusion, in these terms, is the study of the consummated cultural transmission; whereas Aculturao is the study of in progress cultural transmission ' '. In the citation of Herskovits the aculturao process is related to the phase subsequent to the contact, where the social group is assimilating the cultural aspects of the other, being valid to remember that the Process of Aculturao differs from the Process of Endoculturao, where the first one is dealt the individual, while as the collective is mentioned to it. In this manner we can give as example the process of aboriginal aculturao in Brazil, therefore in relation to other cultural elements that had also been part of the Brazilian cultural formation, the example of the Portuguese and Africans, that of certain form had been assimilated by the Brazilian culture, the aboriginal culture did not have the same so were assimilated, for it oppose the contact with the whites cause various problems, that they can until taking the extinguishing of the aboriginal culture. However this process of aculturao is very relative, therefore exactly having the contact between distinct cultural groups, much of these groups finishes creating characteristic proper, stimulated for the geographic space, the activities exerted daily and mainly for the social relations that are created in these places, the example of this can cite the study carried through for BORGES on the messengers of the Pantanal, that exactly being a social group that if it locates in way to the Pantanal, and that belongs to a region of bigger development, that is the city of Cuiab, capital of the State of the Mato Grosso, finishes for creating its proper cultural traces, social relations rules from the limitations imposed for the territorial environment inhabited by those natives, who good part of the year has that to coexist in flooded areas.


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