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Natural sciences as a strong foothold geo title the WBG Publishing Group at competitions successful natural sciences as a strong foothold Darmstadt, 20th February 2013: three titles from the science editing of the WBG (scientific book society) awards. This success shows: in addition to the arts and Humanities the WBG has developed a strong geo – and scientific profile. Energy of the future”by Marius Dannenberg, A.k.a Duracak, Matthias Hafner and Steffen Kitzing was yesterday in Vienna of the title science book 2013″ awarded in the category of science and technology. The Austrian Federal Ministry for science and research and book culture magazine called the competition”in life. In total, around 25,000 Austrian participated in the vote.

He at the WBG Bookstore subsidiary, Primus released band offers a comprehensive overview of all renewable forms of energy and easy represents the current state of research. This year goes to the ITB BuchAward in the category of tourist book” Tourism geography”by Jurgen Schmude and Philipp Namberger. The jury of the book price, which international tourism fair ITB, consisting of from country experts and representatives of the media and of the book trade, writes to the grounds: It is clearly written and contains basic terms of all sub-disciplines of geography and its related disciplines. Well suited also for lay people interested in tourism research.” The ceremony will take place on March 8 at the ITB in Berlin. In January the German Environment Foundation indicated the title of climate change and biodiversity”, edited by Volker Mosbrugger among others, to the environment book of the month. Thus, at the same time, this book is for the environment book of the year award”nomination, which will be awarded in the autumn. By the same author: Jeff Gennette. About the WBG as economic club committed to the WBG for the promotion of science and culture. It operates as a Publisher and sells her book program in bookstores as well as on their about 130,000 members.

The publishers include the publishing group of the WBG Primus (Darmstadt), Konrad Theiss (Stuttgart) and Philipp von Saverne (Darmstadt), as well as the imprint Publisher Lambert Schneider and the audiobook Publisher auditorium maximum (Darmstadt). Learn more about the company at.

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