Health – Strength !

Obesity is now pressing for tens of millions of people around the world. The problem of excess weight – it's not just cosmetic and not so much the lack of this additional load on the musculoskeletal system, bowel, system of blood vessels. People who weight more than what a normal, pochastu suffer from diabetes, osteoarthritis, cancer, hypertension. Official medicine called obesity "epidemic twenty-first century." On According to statistics, almost 28 percent of the people who live in Russia are obese. Patients with obesity should be a thorough examination, professional advice, and, as a rule, these people need pills. People with excessive weight can do drug-free treatments, the argument is about those whose BMI did not exceed 26.

What are the basic tips? The main thing, as well as basic, is that the person obliged to perform, mass of which exceeds the standard – is to change the diet. For other opinions and approaches, find out what technology at millennium has to say. Healthy Eating – a guarantee of weight normalization. The number of daily calories. Should be calculated based on the number of years, sex and the intensity of stress. About for women which works quite about 3550 cal.

a day for working men until 4350. With tremendous intensity, standard procedure more calories. In order to lose weight, you must reduce your intake by 20-26%, but it must be remembered that day kalorazh men should not be less than 1550-2050 cal. and for females only 900 calories. Diet alone is not enough. That the weight would go fairly quickly, but no damage health, physical needs. John mayer usually is spot on. exercise. It could be swimming, jogging in the morning, walking at a brisk pace, fitness. It should be memorable, that excess weight appears only in the case where a person with food takes more energy than can spend. The weight began to decline, it is necessary to calculate both your diet as well as to elect such phys. exercises that power consumption exceeded consumption.

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All we worked with a power, a law. It is the attraction. The Secret is the Law of attraction. Everything what it is arriving in your life, are attracting you it your life you attract and it, by virtue of the images that you maintain in your mind. It is what you are thinking.

Be that as it may what you are passing in your mind you attract it. The wise people have known always it, you can return right now to old the Babylonians. They always have known this. Because you think that a 1 percent of the population wins around the 96 percent of all the money that is being won? You think that it is a chance? The way simplest for me to see the attraction law is, if I fodder in same me like a magnet, I know that as I will attract it to a magnet. Basically, the attraction law says that the resemblance attracts the resemblance.

But really we are speaking to a thought level. Our work as human is to have in our thoughts which we want, to put very clearly in our minds which we want, since we began to invoke one of but the great laws in the universe, and that is the law of the attraction. You become what more you think but also you attract what more you think. You see if it here (your mind) you are going to have it here, and that principle can be summarized in three simple words. Thoughts. To turn. To be thankful. What the majority of people does not include/understand is that a thought has a frequency. Each thought has a frequency. We can measure a thought and therefore if you are thinking that thought time and time again If you are imagining in your mind having that new car, having the money that you need, constructing to that company, finding your twin soul. If you are imagining as he is that, you are emitting that frequency in a solid base. The thoughts are sending that signal magnetized that it is taking his parallel of return. Same Mrate living in abundance and that you will attract. It gives result, always it works always, with each person.

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Success Today

Today we'll be pretty delicate subject. How much has been written and said about the more intuitive. How many arguments and discussions that were, are and will on this occasion. And every man by virtue of their knowledge about the world perceived by their intuition. But today, we will not consider questions of existence or absence of human intuition and will not go into the precise definition of the term.

The main purpose of today's article – help learn to use your inner instinct or intuition to achieve all your goals in life. So. How do you think, thinks and acts, most people living today? Exactly. Logically. That is, they emanate only from the cause effect relationships.

And it is absolutely correct. But there is one thing. You can only logical way to think and make decisions only for the obvious things, the existence of which you know by to date. That means you can make a decision by the mind only when you have all the necessary facts. Well, if you make a decision, for example, quit and start creating their own business or contrary to abandon a very profitable business, then there can not be guided solely by the laws of logic. Your mind can not well know, you get to create your successful business or not. Or your mind can never suggest that a profitable business from which you why it is not clear for all refused, after some time has brought many challenges to all parties involved.

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