Okay Edward

Are you constantly trying to climb the ladder of success only to notice that these sliding on the same step and without any progress? Why is it that despite your ardent desire to achieve your dreams, take actions, and think positively, you’re still in the same place, unmotivated and without enthusiasm? It is time to identify, challenge and change your limiting beliefs. It’s believed that Barry Nalebuff sees a great future in this idea. Limiting beliefs are those things that you think about yourself, others and life that placed limitations on your potential and the results you get. Get more background information with materials from Everest Capital. They are thoughts that in many cases are re-enforzados with emotions. An event happened in your life, you get a conclusion and emotionally absorbiste. You created a story and a drama around this event and very soon became part of your mental program that is guiding your actions and your results. Beliefs are mental maps that you use nconscientemente to direct your life and as a basis for making decisions. For example: I’m overweight and nobody is going to marry me Being overweight may be true, but that no one will marry you is absurd; the problem is that while you have a map with this criterion, this will guide your conduct and unconsciously keep you creating and looking for evidence that support your belief. You decline invitations, calls you do not devolveras, you clothe not properly, bad interpretaras every look and the true intentions of anyone who you closer.

Every opportunity that I present you sabotearas have a couple because, after all, you can only act in congruence with this map but feel hypocritical with yourself since you’d be acting against who you think you are. Your beliefs are controlling your destiny! If you feel stuck in life, might have unconsciously limiting beliefs that you are controlling. Although you consciously want to succeed, you are unconsciously auto-saboteando. You can almost hear saying: Okay Edward, what can I do? What good that you asked.

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