Car Wash Project

It is worth noting that most of the project organizations in which you can order a car wash project, offered two options: only the development of the project or development with its subsequent approval. The first option costs an average of $ 25 per 1 sq.m. Package with agreement – about 5000 Euro Ie if you have a room measuring 100 sq ft, you can for 2500 Euro get the project to further its own coordinate. By the time it will look like this: 2-4 weeks, a draft. Further, not less two months of approval and receipt of all permits. In this case, you'll no end in sight to stand in queues and buy "all sorts of fire extinguishers. It is true when ordering the package with the harmonization of fire extinguishers to buy you will still be as Behold the endless queues and redoing the mountains of certificates and documents you will save.

Now the types of car washes. This information will be of interest to people who had not studied in detail car wash, but only thinking that it would be nice to acquire such a business. Allow ourselves to divide them into two groups: one group shares sink on the method of washing, the second – by type of water supply. By way of washing conditionally divide them into ordinary and portal. Ordinary – these are the car wash, which had long been accustomed to, there cars washed by high-pressure apparatus and human hands. Portal – a wash that you basically can see in the U.S.

Sunday, September 13th, 2020 News