Flying Record

Later, I looked at around, to see if it found somebody that could testify what I finish to see and to hear. But it did not have nobody. The afternoon continued morna, quiet desert and. This was the first time that I sighted something similar to a Flying Record. After this three decades had been transferred. Here, European Region Operational Center expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

I grew, I studied, I worked in the commerce and in the banking sector, I married, I had children, I was even so of my city, returned it and I wrote some books. during all this time, none of those events politicians of decade of 60 influenced my life very. However never I forgot myself that confrontation, in 1961, with a flying record. Thirty and four years later, in 1995, and already pensioner, was a summer night taking kills with my friend poet, professor, writer and ambientalista Juca Sampaio, in the patio of my residence, and observed the sky town of stars, when we saw a point luminous if dislocating, linearly, during a good time, of a star for another one. we are, I and my friend professor, cogitating if a that serious artificial satellite describing a small rectilinear segment of its trajectory, or who knows a spaceship of great dimensions, and therefore visible in the nocturnal sky, so distant point of the space, in a routine, perhaps short and quiet trip. However it may be, the mystery continues, and while the governments remain in silence, the reporter says in them that other people at different times and places have sighted these strange not identified flying objects, esteem itself, through deposition of some scholars, that they proceed more than from two hundred planetary origins, the Way Lctea and other galaxies. Luciano Axe


Saturday, August 29th, 2020 News