Government Companies

The Venezuelan companies at present, in particular SMEs, are facing serious problems in relation to its operation, product of the incidence of new policies, strategies, actions, programs, undertaken by the current Government for its campaign of instituting socialism in the country, aspect that was not contemplated by the business sector, its management being affected many SMEsgiven the uncertainty, risk that is generated, especially in the acquisition of inputs, technology, wages, instability, productivity, competitiveness. All this has affected in the organizational behavior of many companies, their functions and since then, in one of the most active as it is the management of markets that should empathize with the reality of the scenario that unfolds, as well as the accelerated dynamics of globalization, which has today become very significant with a competition that offers great opportunities. Management must accept new trends that become a challenge for them, (such as: a-.) The political and legal environment: in this regard, Schewe and Smith (1982), says that society recognizes that there are inequities when economic and social systems are left to their own discretion. In theory, the Government represents the wishes and needs of citizens, and establish laws for its defenses. As citizens have a responsibility to recognize and obey all traffic laws, traders should be aware of the laws and regulations that affect their products and business.

Consider that laws legislative bodies emit and any company, no matter how big and influential that, can exercise control. b-) technology: technological advances are non-controllable variables that have a great impact on the marketing and can not neglect, as the specific case of the computer. Although manufacturers can establish certain technical direction, they may not make any way that a breakthrough will occur. (C) competition: In a free society, competition is impossible to regulate, where marketing management must be alert to the companies and to the activities of the competition.


Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 News