Project Management Body

Techniques developed throughout the years exist many that can be used to specify formal as the project will be managed. Between these of Knowledge (PMBOK), and ideas are the Project Management Body as Personal Software Process (PSP), Team Software Process (TSP) and PRINCE2. These techniques try to standardize the practical ones of the development of teams, being become more easy to predict, to manage and to track. 2. 2 Management of projects Is very common an organization, not to know to identify the necessity of a structure specialized in the management of projects.

This occurs due the fact of the organizations not to obtain to mensurar the relation cost x benefit and people in the implantation of this structure. According to Valeriano (2001, P. 94), ' ' the administration of projects is useful, of excellent form, to shorten solutions for not routine problems, of greater or minor degree of duration, cost and complexidade' '. Therefore projects nor always exist with the only objective to get financial profit, many times the focus of the project are the organization of the processes objectifying clarity in the activities in search of good results. We can use as example the public companies and agencies whom they do not use of the management of projects to get financial profit, but yes to diminish the administrative and operational costs, and to get excellency in the control of stated periods.

One of the aspects most important and many determinative times in the success or failure of a project it is the management of the interested people. In the projects of any nature the management of the interested people is basic. When we deal with management of the interested people, are approaching initially the identification and later its management properly said. The combination of the management of projects and the common knowledge of the project for all the main interested people allow to affirm that all these parts can act harmonic in an only objective, the success.


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