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The boxer dog breed should always have water to your available, especially if eating animal feed. Sometimes dogs refuse a meal or do not complete it, or vomit after eating, if this happens occasionally and does not have any other strange symptoms, is not cause for concern. If you change your feed dog feed to natural or vice versa, or even if you change brand of feed, do so gradually, so that the complete change take at least one week, otherwise gastrointestinal disorders may occur. I advise you to not give you anything outside their meals, because it often make capricious and subcontinental. Finally, keep your dog slim (must be able to feel ribs easily, without the need to tighten), anyone who is his age, since excess weight not only spoils the picture of the animal but it is always harmful to your health and may cause problems bone during growth.

General tips, safety, exercise dogs need attention, especially while they are puppies, because we have to take them to the street several times a day, educate them, etc. The boxer are dogs better adapted to live indoors in a shed outside. There are several reasons for this, both physical and psychological. The physical reasons include very short hair that offers little protection against the cold and short snout that does not help them to combat heat in warm seasons.But most important are still the psychological reasons, since the boxer is a very people-oriented dog, and his greatest happiness is to be close to its owner and family. A boxer does not need a House with a garden to be happy, only a few caring owners who devote the attention that deserves.For all these reasons the boxer is a very suitable dog to have on a floor, and is perfectly adapted to life in the city (logically must take a walk than necessary).

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