Business Experience

Well, in this article I want to talk a little about the experience I had from my early days in the Internet business in relation to the investment that is due to you do to it to have an assured success for your business. Many online entrepreneurs have to understand that if they do not invest in their business they will never succeed, and I understood that 2 years after starting my Online business. When I started my first Online Business my mentality was making me rich overnight overnight, a very serious mistake that committed and that many entrepreneurs that are starting on this day are committing likewise. My errors 1) design a professional little website, I’m not Web Designer, 2) locate a free autoresponder to make email marketing (with integrated advertising) 3) and then not spend any penny for advertising, because the toward within Motors searches, forums and articles where me until they accused of SPAM. Actually I didn’t have any intention of investing in my business, because only I wanted to get the juice and drink me only jejeJ. But when things are not like they should experience sooner or later one realizes then to pay all my mistakes at the beginning due to lack of investment: 1 – the service of Autoresponder free used from one moment to another stopped working without giving me opportunity to save my list of subscribers, lost 3647 prospects after so much work.

2. The server hosting my site began to fall too so that engines (especially Google) searches began to remove my site’s results. These are some of the things that happened to me by not investing, which I understood so that a child will achieve walking you should drop a couple of times. Why you recommend that if these starting your online business or already have your business on the Internet, you start to invest in the best tools so that then do not you regret as well as I did. Discover techniques and effective strategies to undertake a successful business on the internet in hope I helped this article.


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