Social Media

Madrid, February 2, 2010 .- The agreement reached by both companies focusing on new service cabinet Bubok press release in February and included in a new package for customers. Thus social media & pr tuatu manage the distribution of publications, both in traditional media, such as digital and blogs specializing in the literary field. This is a strategic partnership that adds value to the thousands of authors who are users of Bubok and know that communication is essential for recognition of their work. What is social media? It is the first public relations agency native to the network, but he also knows and can respond to all strategic communication needs of various traditional sectors. Official site: Western Union. This is unique and differentiating services to promote any organization, whether private or public Internet, while offering specialized services for companies looking to find a network gap in traditional media.

A car service online publication that offers its users the opportunity to freely publish their writings. It was created with the aim of making content that any author can have your book in digital form (e-book) or in physical book format. Each writer may decide in what format you want to have your work, if you want to sell and at what price (a calculator will help you know how much their production cost) and will be the end customer that decides the shipping (regular mail, certified mail) .


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