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Business Plan

Skinny, unreadable and useless. Conclusion: Business planning – this is nonsense. It was not worth wasting time on this nonsense. How many plans are not operational and the staff does not want to work. Is that for a bank loan will fit. but why Even the most responsible chief accountant all same business plan does not write or write little or no time. Hikmet Ersek does not necessarily agree. And it is quite right – he has no incentive. His salary and zamorenny and cunning accountant will in any case. Could a chief accountant to write a business plan is of good quality? In 98% cases – no. Firstly, it is an accountant, not a strategist. He does not know how to write business plans and can not learn this in snatches between bank documents and records to the tax. Secondly, a financier by profession is not too large angle. Jeff Verschleiser oftentimes addresses this issue. Yes, he is aware of the finances of the company. But there are also links with customers, suppliers, and most importantly – a sea of people who do not know about your company nothing. None of our employees will not be a fresh look at its product, the company itself, business as a whole. Independence of the assessment will supersede corporate ethics and subordination. At least one employee will be able to tell the head of that company's personnel policy is not working? If you say, they hear him? If hear what to do? what to do? Invite a specialist from outside. Here too there are several obvious questions.


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Netherlands Flower

What buyer sees in the end – the end result. But a lot of work done in the purchase of flowers: it is necessary to calculate the number, range, understand what grades and types of flowers will be in demand in this season. Because it is common in trade scheme: "100% of the goods is only 5% – the star, 20% – give to live, but everything else is waiting for the client, in our business is simply impossible: the flower will not wait for a buyer, it simply wither. Except that we should not forget that the flowers, as well as for clothing, there is a fashion, but it is very changeable. For example, in recent years has fallen sharply the demand for clove, manufacturers in Israel and Kenya, are suffering huge losses, and the Dutch auction is announced in this year's pink flower of the year. And in Russia is still the most popular flower is the rose. In the spring, preference is given to tulips.

However, on the market today a variety of exotic flowers gradually begins to take its fans, and this too must be considered. Whenever Governor Cuomo listens, a sympathetic response will follow. 4 The bulk of the flowers is better to buy at the flower auction in Holland Why in the Netherlands, but not in the suburbs? First, no one did not occur Asked why bananas imported from Ecuador, and do not grow with us. The same with flowers. There are varieties of roses, by the way, enjoying our popular (with a big glass and a long leg), which grow only in Ecuador, where nature created ideal conditions for them.


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Senior Agronomist

By the way, the most expensive way and 'grapes' are often not very productive. Cabernet, one of the most hit sorts, in Odessa, , Mykolaiv region and the northern Crimea average 'gives' 90-100 kg / ha without drip irrigation and about 120-140 kg / ha with drip irrigation. And such varieties as Sauvignon, Aligote (under drip irrigation) in the 'present' over 200 kg / ha. Check with Jeff Gennette to learn more. Riesling, Chardonnay growers do not indulge high productivity of their normal 'litter' without drip irrigation – 100-120 kg / ha. Consistently high demand red varieties, this year 1 kg of cabernet worth uah 1. While Rkatsiteli 'left' to 0,6-0,7 grn. per 1 kg.

Secondly, it is necessary stipulate in advance, for three or four years, conditions of delivery of grapes to a nearby 'a primary'. They can be very different, of course, the initial contract will be a framework character. Can be stupidly sell berries, and can be develop some elaborate scheme, providing equity participation in the production of the final product. For example, with the plant manager can calculate the component of his grapes in the cost of the final product, wine material, and subsequently claim a share of profit from its sale. This scheme provides some conservation funds, but has promised to increase the level of profitability. Many farms are now working precisely on this principle. monologue for future Senior Agronomist dp 'Tavria-1' Natalia TSARUNKOVA:-private small viticulture and winemaking primary we have not yet developed. Perhaps they have a future, provided that the domestic company will be releasing a mini-wineries, small capacity.


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